Profesoriaus B. Bitino ugdymo realybės įžvalgos šiuolaikiniame kontekste

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Straipsnis / Article
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Profesoriaus B. Bitino ugdymo realybės įžvalgos šiuolaikiniame kontekste
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Insights of professor B. Bitinas into education reality in contemporary context
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Pedagogika . 2011, 104, p. 57-63
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Ugdymo realybė; Ugdymo filosofija; Hodegetika; Ugdymo tikslai; Vertybės
Education reality; Education philosophy; Hodegetics; Education goals; Values
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje siekiama aptarti profesoriaus B. Bitino įžvalgas į ugdymo realybę kaip sudėtingą daugiabriaunį fenomeną. Daugiausia dėmesio sutelkus į ugdymo realybę, nagrinėjamą ugdymo filosofijos ir hodegetikos erdvėje, pirmiausia išryškinamas profesoriaus pamatinių konceptualių ugdymo idėjų tvarumas atsižvelgiant į šiuolaikinės edukologijos kontekstą. Antra, apibūdinama šių idėjų vaidmuo tolimesniam edukologijos raidos procesui. [Iš leidinio]

ENArticle discusses insights of professor B. Bitinas into education reality, which is analysed in the space of education philosophy and hodegetics. An attempt is made to highlight sustainability of conceptual education ideas. Profound philosophical insights create preconditions for consolidation of links of education reality, education sciences and education philosophy, enable educational scientists to create contemporary education concepts and promote a pluralistic approach to a changing reality of education. Professor’s ideas about how a human ideal becomes a goal of education and how it conditions self-expression and self-development of members in contemporary society, how education technologies, perceived as intermediate between education theory and practice, are approached from philosophical point of view are particularly significant to educational science and practice. Mechanisms of realisation of relevant to the society education goals that are related to origins of personality and establish conditions either for revelation of learners’ powers or their social (self-) formation are considered a criterion for optimisation of education technologies. Development of education mechanisms presupposes change in teachers’ roles and opens new methodological assesses to setting up of education goals and their implementation.Efficiency of education process depends on how and to what extent the function of upbringing is realised, which focuses on education of a valuable personality that spiritualises the human nature. The decreasing acknowledgement of upbringing results in a necessity to pay more attention to the development of scientific theory of upbringing, its application and consolidation in the practice of education. B. Bitinas’ scientific knowledge system that embraces goals, process of upbringing, mechanisms and expression of the internalisation process of values, features of successful upbringing and a number of education ideas nurtured by the professor is of utmost importance to sustainable development of hodegetics. [From the publication]

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