Skirtingų lygių asmeninių žinių fenomenai asmenybės dimensijose : asmenybės saviugdos kontekstas

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Straipsnis / Article
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Skirtingų lygių asmeninių žinių fenomenai asmenybės dimensijose: asmenybės saviugdos kontekstas
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Personal knowledge phenomena of different levels in the dimensions of a personality: the context of the self-education of a personality
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Studijos šiuolaikinėje visuomenėje. 2012, Nr. 3(1), p. 255-266
Asmenybės dimensijos; Asmenybės saviugda; Fenomenas; Žinios.
Dimensions of a personality; Knowledge; Phenomenon; Self-education of a personality.
Summary / Abstract:

ENA human being has to develop more intensively and more effectively considering the dynamic surrounding by the conditions of the formation of a knowledge society. An effective development is achieved during the management of this process. Regarding these reasons in the mentioned context, the main role is provided to the process of the self-education of a personality. According to the level of rationality and irrationality, the self-education of a personality is related to different levels of the construction or management of personal knowledge and includes the different dimensions of a personality such as: physical, mental/intellect, social (emotional) and spiritual dimensions. The tradition of the self-education of a personality is formed in the sphere of researches but the majority of theses researches are oriented only to the problems of the self-education of a particular personality dimension (usually physical). It is also important to emphasize that attention to personal knowledge management is growing in today’s society, which is not widely explored phenomenon in Lithuania. It is aught to answer to these problematical questions – what phenomena of different levels according to rationality - irrationality criterions, personal knowledge oriented to self-education of personality are found in the main dimensions? How these phenomena are understood? The aim of the research is to analyze different level phenomena according to rationality – irrationality criterion, personal knowledge, which is oriented to the self-education of a personality, and these phenomena found in the main personality dimensions.and these phenomena found in the main personality dimensions. The article is prepared making reference to theoretical (analysis, generalization, synthesis) and empirical (in depth interview, qualitative analysis of the content, phenomenology analysis) research methods. After the generalization of theoretical aspects of the research problematic, it is possible to represent that the self-education of a personality – is the permanent purposeful development of a personality and in this process the person takes responsibility for his or her development direction, aims, methods and the final result related to the main positive changes of the personality dimension. Self-education is related to personal knowledge construction or the management of different levels. Even though, there are not any settled unanimous opinions about the classification of knowledge in the scientific expansion. Analyzing knowledge, which is oriented towards self-education, is the most accurate method to categorize it according to the criteria of rationality and irrationality such as: knowledge "to know how", "to know what", "to know why" and "to care of why". A flexible research design was chosen performing the empirical research and applying a phenomenological strategy. An individual in-depth interview was applied for the compilation of data choosing the most accurate method of fixation – interview recording by sound mechanism (Dictaphone) and text transcription of the interview including the verbal quotation of informants speech. A public educative organization such as "The art of life" of Baltic (full name is "The art of life" charity and support fund of Baltic) was chosen as the research base, which according to the opinion of authors of the article perfectly represented all other organizations of a similar format at the performed article. [...]. [From the publication]

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