Inovacijoms palankios mokyklos aplinkos kūrimo prielaidos Utenos savivaldybėje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Inovacijoms palankios mokyklos aplinkos kūrimo prielaidos Utenos savivaldybėje
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Prerequisites for an innovation-driven school environment in Utena municipality
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Pedagogika. 2011, 102, p. 74-80
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Mokykla; Mokymosi aplinka; Inovacijos; School; Learning environment; Innovations.
Inovacijos / Innovations; Mokykla / School.
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LTInovacijoms palanki aplinka suprantama kaip edukacinę vertę turinti žmonių gyvenimo bei veiklos erdvė, kurioje sudaromos sąlygos individo asmeniniam tobulėjimui, įgyvendinamam per mokymosi pastangas. Straipsnyje aptariamos inovacijoms palankios mokyklos aplinkos kūrimo teorinės prielaidos; remiantis mokytojų apklausos rezultatais įvertinama inovacijoms palankios aplinkos situacija Utenos savivaldybės mokyklose. [Iš leidinio]

ENLearning environment highlighting responsibility for learning efforts, planning, evaluation, the entire learning process, its results, a possibility to use relevant resources, tolerance toward failures and effective feedback, increases pupils’ motivation to study, as well as their self-confidence and capacities. The innovationdriven environment in school is an educational environment which increases every pupil’s motivation to study and influences a successful learning process. The innovation-driven environment in school is established by providing a possibility to control own learning process under favourable psychological and material organisational conditions. It depends on the compliance of the learning environment and learning process with the learning aims and demands. In order to define the current attitudes of pedagogues of the Utena municipality schools toward elements of the innovation-driven learning environment, a quantitative survey (questionnaire survey) was carried out. The survey involved 422 teachers of comprehensive schools. According to the survey, schools as organisations seek continuous progress: they propagate and practice the on-going development, they enhance various formal and non-formal structures; their main objective is to encourage teachers to exchange their knowledge and skills. According to teachers they review their activities on a regular basis and plan future developments. While analysing the attitude of teachers toward cooperation and innovations in the community, it was defined that schools encourage a variety of attitudes and the development of open effective discussions.However, not always cooperation between municipal school teachers is based on informal, mutual and support-driven relations. More than one fifth of respondents consider cooperation as ineffective and highlight that cooperation usually depends on the context. Trust in society and appreciation of achievements of each member of the community is highlighted as one of the key assumptions for the development of the innovation-driven environment. According to the majority of teachers, schools always recognize and evaluate the achievements of all teachers. They also noted that members of the community respect and trust each other; however conflicts and tense relations with pupils, misunderstandings among colleagues are quite frequent. Therefore, in order to create the innovation-driven environment, school administration shall initiate internal school development, i.e. create a constantly developing school and ensure cooperation among teachers (the consensus, assurance of representation possibilities, and organisation of the on-going learning process). [From the publication]

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