Mokymo individualizavimo ypatumai technologijų pamokose (mokytojų požiūris)

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Mokymo individualizavimo ypatumai technologijų pamokose (mokytojų požiūris)
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Properties of teaching individualization during lessons of technologies (point of view of teachers)
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Mokymo individualizavimas; Mokymo individualizavimas,; Mokymo pamokos; Mokytojų požiūris; Technologijų pamokos
Educational lesson; Individualization of learning; Lessons of technologies; Lessons of technology; Teacher attitudes; Teacher's attitude; Teachers' attitude; Teaching personalisation; Teaching personalization
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ENThere are a number of works where different authors analyze various issues of personalized teaching but no works by researchers of educology have been found so far where teachers' attitude towards personalization of teaching in lessons of technology is dealt with. The object of the research is technology teachers and teaching personalization in lessons of technology. The research problem comes from the fact that theoretical aspects of teaching personalization as a topic has been analyzed rather extensively but this topic has not been studied in a narrower and more particular aspect of how to personalize teaching in lessons of technology. The aim of the research was to determine peculiarities of teaching personalization in lessons of technology from teachers' point of view. The following research objectives were set: a) to study scientific pedagogical literature that deals with teaching personalization; b) to find out methods of teaching personalization that are applied in lessons of technology; c) to identify problems that appear in the process of personalization of teaching in lessons of technology. The following research methods were applied: theoretical-systematic analysis of scientific literature and its generalization, empirical - a semi-structured interview. A qualitative content analysis method was applied to study the data and to group the answers received according to conceptual criteria. The research involved five teachers of technology from Vilnius (3), Vievis (1) and Šalčininkai (1) who work in basic schools or gymnasia. Their teaching experience is from 3 to 34 years.The participants' teaching qualifications are either teacher or teacher methodologist. The results of the qualitative research show that personalized teaching in lessons of technology is applied in respect to social and psychological differences among learners, their characteristics, their needs and independence. Technology teachers agree that teaching in lessons of technology must be personalized. However, this is not always and not adequately done due to arising difficulties caused by lack of resources at schools. Peculiarities of teaching personalization depend on the topic studied, lesson activities, the type of the lesson and on children's capabilities. Having analyzed the interviews with teachers about methods of teaching personalization that are applied in lessons of technology, we can state that all the informants apply both active and traditional teaching methods. Methods of individualized work during technology lessons are similar with all the teachers surveyed. Several different tasks and topics are prepared for learners according to their capabilities as well as available material resources. The research has revealed that most problems and difficulties in personalized teaching arise due to insufficient material resources at schools when learners who face with financial difficulties in their families cannot bring the resources needed for the lesson, for instance, food products for nutrition lessons, as well as due to too many learners in the class, the result of which is that teachers physically do not manage to personalize the tasks for all of their learners. [text from author]

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