Strateginis Subalansuotos plėtros valdymas

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Straipsnis / Article
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Strateginis Subalansuotos plėtros valdymas
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Strategic sustainable development management
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Organizacijų vadyba: sisteminiai tyrimai [Management of Organizations: Systematic Research]. 2002, Nr. 22, p. 55-68
Subalansuota plėtra; Strateginis valdymas.
Sustainable development; Strategic management.
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LTStraipsnyje analizuojama subalansuotos plėtros strateginis valdymas. Aptariama subalansuotos plėtros genezė ir jos atsiradimo kontekstas, kaip svarbus veiksnys, įtakojantis tolesnę subalansuotos plėtros raidą. Išskiriami subalansuotos plėtros periodai ir formos. Siekiama optimizuoti strateginio valdymo priemones, kurios priklauso nuo valdymo struktūrų ir tikslų. Pateikiamos pagrindinės subalansuotos plėtros strateginio valdymo prielaidos ir problemos Lietuvoje. [Iš leidinio]

ENSustainable development deals with problems how to satisfy present and future generations human needs harmonizing economical, social and environmental dimensions in safety, peace and democracy surrounding in global, national, regional and corporate levels. These levels interact and national level is exceptional. Potential and possibilities of sustainable development depends on success achieving national sustainable development goals. Main criteria parting periods of sustainable development is quantity of dimensions. It is possible to divide sustainable development into three periods: sustainability of two dimensions (economical and environmental), sustainabilily of three dimensions (social dimension added) and sustainabilily of four dimensions (political dimension as surrounding evaluated). Sustainable development is going to evolve involving more dimensions. Sustainable development, as a universal phenomenon can obtain many various forms. Strength, speed, level and range are main parameters; according to them it is possible to estimate form of sustainable development. Use of strategic means, issues and resources orienting depends on particular sustainable development form. Strategic sustainable development management should be focused on management of development processes from lowest sustainable development forms and weak sustainability to highest sustainable development forms and strong sustainability trying to achieve most possible speed. Evolving of sustainable development concept using strategic management theories and practice leads to new quality of entirety vision. Period of transformation of economic system in Lithuania coincided with evolving of global sustainable developing tendencies and solving of their localization problems. Principles of sustainable development are known in Lithuania already for a long time but important decisions in national level are still missing. [From the publication]

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