Darnaus vystymosi strateginis planavimas : urbanistinis aspektas

Mokslo publikacijos / Scientific publications
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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Darnaus vystymosi strateginis planavimas: urbanistinis aspektas
Alternative Title:
Sustainable development strategic planning: urban aspect
In the Journal:
Strateginė savivalda. 2004, Nr. 1, p. 20-31
Bendruomenės; Darnus vystymasis; Strateginis planavimas.
Communities; Strategic planning; Sustainable development.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje teoriškai nagrinėjamas miestų darnaus vystymosi strateginis planavimas, akcentuojant jo ekonominius ir socialinius aspektus, ypač bendruomenės įtraukimo į planavimo procesą svarbą ir būdus. Darniajame vystymesi galima išskirti tris etapus: a) dviejų dimensijų darnumą, b) trijų dimensijų darnumą, c) keturių dimensijų darnumą. Tik atskirų bendruomenių strateginiai darnaus vystymosi planai, realizuojantys jų nuostatas gyventi pagal darnaus vystymosi principus, padės įgyvendinti globalių darnaus vystymosi dokumentuose deklaruotus tikslus. Remiantis šio straipsnio tikslu buvo iškelta hipotezė, jog darnaus vystymosi strateginio valdymo principai gali būti sėkmingai pritaikomi ir Lietuvos miestų bendruomenėms. Šiame straipsnyje hipotezės patikrinimui buvo išnagrinėtas Alytaus miesto darnaus vystymosi strateginio plano rengimo procesas. [Iš leidinio]

EN[...] Strategic plans were created usually in such a way like everyone understood, not paying attention to quality and real destination. […] At present time Lithuanians are starting to understand the importance of sustainable development and principles of sustainability are being implemented realistically, but during this process a lot of obscurities were observed, which have conditioned the problematic of the article: misunderstandings of cities' sustainable development strategic planning principles, inappreciation of community's involvement importance into strategic management processes, absence of united methodology for sustainable development strategic planning processes. Therefore principles of sustainable development and possibilities for their use in the development processes of cities' communities were analyzed in this article. Sustainable development as universal empiric phenomena was developing gradually under the sway of various processes and environment dimensions. In pursuance of seeking to analyze the evolution of sustainable development conception, number of dimensions, which mach sustainable development conception, is kept as the main periodicity criteria. In accordance with this proposition it is possible to separate three stages: a) two dimensions sustainability; b) three dimensions sustainability; c) four dimensions sustainability. Sustainable development conception's formation process was determined on insufficiency of economic growth indicators for humanity's welfare and progress. […].The most important thing is city's inhabitants, representatives' of business and other sectors participation in urbanized life aspects, because cities, in a sense, are products of their inhabitants. Strategic planning of the cities is a process, thanks to which is created possibility for various groups of interests to participate in planning and implementation of development. Strategic plan helps in creation of management and planning systems, based on sustainable development, democracy and market economy principles, helps in more rational use of limited budget resources, helps in coordinating process of various sectors programs. and their implementation. But the most important advantage of strategic plan is that it is concentrating on most important problems and most perspective tasks, based on good knowledge of present situation and future trends. Article's further talk is about basic elements and methodology of cities. strategies creation, which are used for creation of cities'/municipalities' sustainable development strategies. Only sustainable development strategic plans of single communities, which realize their attitude to live under the principles of sustainable development, can help to implement declared objectives in global sustainable development documents. Sustaining on the objective of this article the hypothesis, that principles of sustainable development strategic management could be successfully employed for Lithuanian communities, was hypothesized.[…]. [From the publication]

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