Integruotos logistinės sistemos projektavimo metodologija : kompiuterinės informacinės valdymo sistemos kūrimo principai

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Straipsnis / Article
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Integruotos logistinės sistemos projektavimo metodologija: kompiuterinės informacinės valdymo sistemos kūrimo principai
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Design metodology for integrated logistical system: principles of compiuterised countol system development
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Organizacijų vadyba: sisteminiai tyrimai [Management of Organizations: Systematic Research]. 2001, Nr. 17, p. 69-90
Integruota logistinė sistema; Projektavimas; Informacinė visuomenė.
Integrated logistic system; Design; Information society.
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LTLietuvai pereinant į informacinę visuomenę, vienu metu reikia kompleksiškai spręsti sudėtingus socialinius ekonominius uždavinius. Patirtis liudija, kad žymaus efektyvumo galima pasiekti diegiant moderniausias technologijas, tinkamai motyvuojant "žmogaus veiksnį", tobulinant mokslą bei informacines valdymo sistemas. Straipsnyje aptariama susidariusi mokslo ir aukštųjų technologijų bei informacinės visuomenės kūrimosi situacija šalyje, kaip aplinkos, kurioje gali būti diegiamos logistinės sistemos, plėtros galimybės Pateikiami integruotos logistinės valdymo sistemos projektavimo metodologija, logistinės kompiuterinės informacinės valdymo sistemos kūrimo principai, projektų efektyvumo ir finansavimo įvertinimo aspektai. [Iš leidinio]

ENMany radical and positive societal and its structural changes arc happening all over the world and Europe. They appear in economics, industry of technologies, business, education, politics and culture. The reason for all positive achievements is a rational and effective management. While at the same time economics of Lithuania is weak, unstable and facing huge difficulties since it is based on a primitive business and agriculture, which arc far away behind technology. No temptation is made in order modernize and increase intellectual potential as well as an effective use of knowledge, such as management, achievements and appropriately motivate "a human factor". Here comes a statement that low management level and ethnical moral culture still exist in Lithuania. Evaluating worlds' modern management tendencies and informational control system necessities, the author discusses the situation in Lithuania regarding education, modern technologies and informative society establishment as well as its expansion. According to the above listed reasons, the author presents holistic logistics, a new type in Lithuania as well as in the world of management as one of effective methods, which can help to improve management in the state and its separate organizations. The article continues previously started topic regarding advantages of holistic (integration) logistics and responding to its questions. This time the author presents logistical system projecting methodology, logistical informative computer system principles, project effectiveness and financial evaluation basics. The article provides logistical system projecting principles and its stages, beginning from the concept of the project, its goals and objectives, data collecting, evaluation, submitting tasks, based solutions and their approval, use of material, and finishing with a full realization of the project.The author tells about a conception of logistical project content including marketing, technique and technologies, infrastructure, service, transportation, organizational structure of the project, economic effectiveness and risk evaluation in advance. There are further explored logistical informative projecting system principles and their creating process, There is a focus on systematical projecting principles and exploring the relationships between them and computerized object or system. The article pays attention towards Human Being - Technical Informative System rational interaction importance and (as a sequence of it) reveals a new potential achieved rationally dividing inter-functions, which can be better displayed by technical informative system. On the other hand, in some particular cases a human can do better that a technique. This is an important issue while projecting. Besides that, the article reveals approved structural system and logistic informative management system creating processes as well as its establishment and further modernization. [From the publication]

1392-1142; 2335-8750
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