Subalansuotos plėtros valdymo strateginiai sprendimai

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Straipsnis / Article
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Subalansuotos plėtros valdymo strateginiai sprendimai
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Strategic decisions of sustainable development management
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Organizacijų vadyba: sisteminiai tyrimai [Management of Organizations: Systematic Research]. 2001, Nr. 17, p. 31-41
Vadybinės sistemos; Aplinkos naudojimo valdymas; Aplinkos politika; Subalansuota plėtra.
Management systems; Management of sustainability; Environmental policy; Sustainable development.
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LTAplinkos naudojimo valdymo reikšmė šiandien pasaulyje auga labai sparčiai. Taikomos aplinkos valdymo sistemos yra tobulinamos, integruojamos su kitomis vadybinėmis sistemomis. Aiškiai pastebimas aplinkos naudojimo transformavimasis į subalansuotos plėtros valdymą. Šiame straipsnyje pateikiama aplinkos naudojimo valdymo Lietuvos įmonėse trumpa analizė, leidžianti konstatuoti, kad bandoma taikyti subalansuotos plėtros principus, integruotis į aplinkos naudojimo valdymą koordinuojančias struktūras. Straipsnyje svarstomos St. Gallen aplinkos valdymo modelio taikymo galimybės, tobulinant aplinkos naudojimo valdymo sistemas. Detaliai nagrinėjamas svarbus strateginio subalansuotos plėtros valdymo komponentas - aplinkos politika. Aiškinamos subalansuotos plėtros globalizavimo tendencijos, įvertinama Lietuvos įmonių situacija šiuose procesuose. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe importance of environmental management is increasing and the more attention is paid. Environmental management is a necessity for successful economical activity. Together with the sustainable development vison and its passage into paradigm level environmental management changes to management changes to management of sustainable development. These processes are seen in Lithuanian enterprises also and increase competentive advantages. In the first years of economic structure transformation ecological problems were named as one of the wost important and actual. That is why fast and effective environmental management decisions were expected. The processes of standardization have considerable positive influence upon development of environmental activities. Several Lithuanian enterprises are already certified according to quality and environmental management standarts. Trying to enter common European Union market certification of enterprise will become a necessity. St.Gallen integrated management conception is quite wide famous already for some time. This conception is tried to aim at environmental management sphere, orienting it towards management of sustainability. According to it environmental policy is very important. Policy is accepted more than principles ant altitudes that are necessary for strategic management; its function is to reveal what is and what have to be. The vision of sustainable development and pulling its into practice covers global, regional, and local levels. Environmental management processes in the level of enterprise that arc developing into management of sustainability can be trated as mini local.Environment sustainability index shows sustainable development performance of the country. Universality of this index is able to influence for strategic development of environment and sustainability. It is possible that more detailed researches in Lithuania using environment sustainability index would bring interesting and valuable results. It is very important to dispose of information that characterizes all levels of sustainable development when improving environmental management systems. That is why entering such information systems like International Business Environmental Barometer is extra important when trying to turn Lithuanian development towards sustainability. [From the publication]

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