Administracinės teisės taikymas Lietuvos policijos veikloje: probleminis aspektas

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Administracinės teisės taikymas Lietuvos policijos veikloje: probleminis aspektas
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Applying an administrative law in Lithuanian police activities: problem aspect
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Jurisprudencija [Jurisprudence]. 2001, Nr. 23 (15), p. 148-161
Administracinė atsakomybė; Administracinė teisė; Policija; Policijos galios; Policijos veikla; Teisės taikymas; Viešasis administravimas; Viešjo administravimo subjektas.
Administrative law; Administrative responsibility; Enforcement of law; Police; Police activity; Police powers; Public administration; Subject of public administration.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje analizuojami policijos veiklą reglamentuojantys ir su ja susiję teisės aktai, išgryninamos ir akcentuojamos policijos teisės taikymo galios ir su jomis susijusios problemos. Nagrinėjamos teisės taikymo, teisėdaros teorinės problemos. Svarstoma galimybė policiją Lietuvos administracinės teisės šaltinių teisinės terminijos kontekste laikyti viešojo administravimo subjektu. Aptariamos administracinės teisės taikymo policijos veikloje įstatyminės prielaidos ir šios teisės realizavimo formos naudojimo policijos veikloje legalumo ir konstitucingumo problemos. [Iš leidinio]

ENArticle analysis acts of law which are related to police activities and both reglament them, also pointing out and emphasizing the problems the police encounters when applying the law. The theoretical problems of legislative power in applying the law are also being discussed. The author analysis an option for police to become a subject of public administration in the context of Lithuanian administrative law legal terminology. On this purpose, the conceptions of Public Administration Statute and other related laws are being analysed, and the deeper analysis of several conceptions allows to detect the indications of essential incompatibility between laws – if the list of laws being analysed increased, the number of contradictions and conflicts would grow in geometrical progression. It is a worrying factor, especially knowing, that in Lithuania statute texts have a primacy over scientific researches, what means they become a conceptual base for the corresponding scientific branches of law. Therefore, the question of legislation is in general so important and complex. The legal premises of applying an administrative law in the police activities and what questions of legality and constitutional problems it may uncover, are also widely discussed. The Code of Administrative Law Offences empowers the police (in about 100 articles) to analyse the cases of administrative law offences and give fines, despite the Constitution, which in 109 a. 1 part says, that „In Lithuania the jurisdiction is done only by the courts”. The article pays great attention to the solution of this problem and offers to reduce the police powers in this jurisdiction. The analysis of the police governing showed, that the rules of administrative law often directly implement the constitutional norms.The Constitution 94 a. 1 part defines, that „the State government deals country matters, defend the inviolability of Lithuanian Republic, guarantees national security and public order”. This rule of Constitution firms the competence of State government in the area of police governing. Moreover, discussing those norms of Police Activities Statute, which confirm the police governing questions, a great attention to the problems of subordination and accountability of police General Commissioner must be paid. Also, the article analyses the problems of applying the administrative law in the inside administration of the police. [From the publication]

1392-6195; 2029-2058
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