Studentų verslumo ugdymo plėtra Lietuvoje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Studentų verslumo ugdymo plėtra Lietuvoje
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Development of students' entrepreneurship education in Lithuania
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Vadybos mokslas ir studijos - kaimo verslų ir jų infrastruktūros plėtrai [Management theory and studies for rural business and infrastructure development]. 2011, Nr. 2 (26), p. 279-287
Verslo ketinimai; Verslumas; Verslumo ugdymas; Verslumo ugdymo plėtra.
Education development; Entrepreneurial intention; Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship education; Entrepreneurship education development.
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LTStraipsnyje analizuojami studentų verslumo ugdymo plėtros Lietuvoje aspektai. Tyrimu įvertinti koreliaciniai ryšiai tarp studentų nuosavo verslo ketinimų, verslumo ugdymo institucinio ir individualaus lygmens elementų. Straipsnyje pateiktos studentų verslumo ugdymo plėtros rekomendacijos. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe importance of individual’s entrepreneurship influence to economical, social, psychological processes of society development are constantly increasing in a modern society. The development trajectory and trend of society’s progress depend on a figure of entrepreneurs and their skills. The entrepreneurship of individual helps to perceive and penetrate new possibilities of activity development, by increasing a well-being of society. The economic, social, psychological meaning of entrepreneurship strengthens the question of individual’s entrepreneurship development. The lack of conceptual and method-based attitude to student’s entrepreneurship development is a relevant and a scientific problem to be solved. The absence of complex students’ entrepreneurship development model leaves an empty niche in the analysis of entrepreneurship phenomenon. The scientific problem – how to develop the entrepreneurship of students in the level of higher educational institutions, by activating intentions of own business establishment – is analysed in this dissertation. The object of research is entrepreneurship development of students in Lithuania. The goal of the research is to build a model of entrepreneurship development by indicating factors, influencing students’ intentions of own business establishment, on which basis the perspective trends of entrepreneurship development of students in Lithuania could be foreseen.While seeking a formulised goal, the specific tasks of this research are the following: 􀂃 to analyse scientific literature, analysing the concept of entrepreneurship. 􀂃 to identify personal features and skills, required for students’ entrepreneurship development. 􀂃 to build a model of entrepreneurship development, to be applied for students in higher educational system. 􀂃 to analyse a built students’ entrepreneurship development model empirically. 􀂃 to provide proposals how to improve a process of entrepreneurship development in Higher Educational Institutions of Lithuania. Methods of scientific research. Scientific literature analysis, systemization, synthesis, generalisation and comparative methods are used for theoretical researches. In order to receive information on students’ entrepreneurship development, a direct data collection by interviewing target group of research was carried out. SPSS program was used for research data summarization and quantitative data processing methods were applied. Descriptive statistics methods were applied to setting and evaluation of significant factors of entrepreneurship development, an interpretation of average evaluation was calculated, as well as methods of correlation analysis (the Pearson’s and Spearmen’s correlation coefficient was calculated) factor and variance analysis (ANOVA) were applied in the research, too. [From the publication]

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