Vilniaus seimelio pasiuntinių parlamentinė veikla Abiejų Tautų Respublikos seime 1717-1793 m.

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Vilniaus seimelio pasiuntinių parlamentinė veikla Abiejų Tautų Respublikos seime 1717-1793 m
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Parliamentary activities of the Vilnius dietine envoys at the diet of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1717-1793
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Lituanistica. 2010, Nr. 1/4, p. 28-41
Vilniaus seimelis; Seimas; Deputacijos; Seimo teismas; Nuolatiniai ir laikinieji seimo maršalai.
Vilnius Seimelis (Dietine); Seym; Deputations; Seym court; Regular and provisional marshals of the Seym.
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LTStraipsnyje analizuojama Vilniaus seimelio pasiuntinių parlamentinė veikla Abiejų Tautų Respublikos (toliau – Respublika) seime 1717–1793 m. Aptariama Vilniaus seimelio pasiuntinių veikla ir vykdytos funkcijos įvairiose parlamentinėse struktūrose: vadovavimas seimo sesijoms, darbas nuolatinėse ir laikinosiose deputacijose, seimo teisme ir kt. Tyrimas atskleidžia istoriografijoje iki šiol mažai tirtą Lietuvos Didžiosios Kunigaikštystės (toliau – LDK) seimelių pasiuntinių parlamentinės veiklos specifiką. [Iš leidinio]

ENIn the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, the diet was the most important state institution and an integral part of the democracy of the nobility. An analysis of the parliamentary activities of the Vilnius dietine envoys at the diet of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth showed that in the 1717–1793 period, their becoming permanent (in 1778) diet marshals did not indicate an especially big difference among the other envoys of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (hereinafter the GDL). This was probably determined by the circumstance that whether the exceptionally important position of the diet marshal fell to one person or another depended not on the rank of the dietine but on the suitability and personal traits of a specific individual and on the political situation. That the pro tem marshal positions (in 1722, 1746, 1786, and 1780) fell to the Vilnius dietine envoys was directly connected with their prestigious status and the right possessed by the GDL to chair the diet on a rotating basis. The Vilnius dietine envoys actively participated in the activities of both temporary and permanent deputations (commissions) of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth diet. Specialised deputations were fairly frequently elected and sent to the ruler or senate, usually in the initial phase of the diet’s activities after a diet marshal had been successfully elected (in 1744, 1748, 1752, and 1764). The Vilnius dietine envoys were also not uncommonly elected to delegations which performed mediation functions (in 1733, 1750, and 1766). On 11 occasions, the Vilnius dietine envoys actually became members of the deputation for the preparation of the principal constitutions, which was one of the primarily deputations (in 1717, 1718, 1719–1720, 1722, 1726, 1740, 1767–1768, 1778, 1780, 1782, and 1784).In the sessions of the province of the GDL, eight Vilnius dietine envoys were elected diet court judges (in 1744, 1775 (2 envoys), 1780, 1782, 1784, and 1791 (2 envoys)). [From the publication]

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