Pedagoginę praktiką atlikusių studentų bendravimo gebėjimų įsivertinimo rezultatai

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Straipsnis / Article
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Pedagoginę praktiką atlikusių studentų bendravimo gebėjimų įsivertinimo rezultatai
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Results of evaluating students communication skills in pedagogical practice
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Pedagogika. 2010, 98, p. 49-55
Bendravimo gebėjimai; Pedagoginė praktika.
Pedagogical communication; Pedagogical practice.
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LTStraipsnyje aptariami studentų, atlikusių pedagoginę praktiką, bendravimo gebėjimų įsivertinimo rezultatai, jų ugdymo svarba studijų metu. Apžvelgiamas bendravimo gebėjimų problemos ištirtumas Lietuvoje. Pristatoma Vilniaus pedagoginio universiteto kai kurių fakultetų ketvirto kurso studentų 2010 m. atliktos privalomos pedagoginės praktikos užduoties, kurią atliekant studentai privalėjo įsivertinti savo bendravimo gebėjimus (taikydami kokybinės turinio {contenf) analizės metodą). [Iš leidinio]

ENCommunication is crucial condition of pedagogical process. It is important in seeking educational goals. On the whole all pedagogical process is based on interaction and improvement of communication skills which are much more valuable comparing to scientific theories. The main objective of the article is to discuss the findings of researches in the field of trainings for Lithuanian educationists made on national and international levels. The examination of defects in training process is performed. Some of the negative findings are as follows: lack of attention and time for practical trainings in certain institutions, insufficient regard for improvement of communication skills. Taking into account the facts mentioned it is important not only to examine current situation but also to foresee possible solutions to the problems and encourage practical classes. Moreover the suggestion to prolong the internship in the 4'h course was raised by students of the Vilnius Pedagogical University. They said that pedagogical practice reversed their attitude to teacher's profession, helped to feel more confident in making speeches, discover themselves as teachers. Students emphasize their empathy in communication with pupils. However, the research also revealed the weakest issues of students' communication skills. The results of the research show that the share of students participated in the research would like to improve their abilities to solve conflicts (73 % ) , to reason (67 % ) , to debate (62 % ) , to lead pupils to study (66 % ) , to give an advice (61 % ) . Furthermore, students (62 % ) admitted that they had problems communicating with schoolchildren who had special needs. A high percentage of students (72 % ) also mentioned difficulties in nonverbal communication process.In order to improve and develop the communication skills students provide a range of suggestions: 1. Lecturers should improve their lectures by inserting more active practice exercises, giving examples, talking with students about communication problems. 2. During the practice at school students themselves should initiate communication with different people and be interested in pupils', their needs as well as help to solve their problems. 3. Encourage discussions with tutors about students' communication mistakes, fears, achievements. In conclusion it should be said that consolidating and stimulating of motivation to improve communication skills and teaching abilities is substantial in training process of educationists. [From the publication]

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