Lenkijos XIX a. II pusės tapyba Vilkaviškio vyskupijoje : kilmės ir atribucijos klausimai; kūrinių katalogas

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Straipsnis / Article
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Lenkijos XIX a. II pusės tapyba Vilkaviškio vyskupijoje : kilmės ir atribucijos klausimai; kūrinių katalogas
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Polish paintings of the 2nd half of the 19th century in the Vilkaviškis Diocese : issues of origin and attribution; painting catalogue
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Menotyra . 2010, t. 17, Nr. 1, p. 1-25
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Vilkaviškio vyskupija; Bažnytinė dailė; Lenkijos tapyba, XIX a. II pusė; Lietuvos tapyba, XIX a. II pusė
Vilkaviškis Diocese; Polish artists’ paintings; Lithuanian artists’ paintings; Painting in the churches
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LTStraipsnyje apibendrinami ir svariai papildomi duomenys apie Vilkaviškio vyskupijos bažnyčiose esančius Lenkijos tapytojų kūrinius, publikuotus Lietuvos kultūros tyrimų instituto Sakralinio ir liaudies meno paveldo skyriaus parengtose tęstinio leidinio Lietuvos sakralinė dailė knygose, skirtose šios vyskupijos architektūros ir dailės paveldui. Straipsnio tikslas – nustatyti, kas lėmė, kad Užnemunės (dab. Vilkaviškio vyskupijos) bažnyčiose tarp profesionalių dailininkų paveikslų vyrauja Lenkijos tapytojų sukurtieji, išskirti šiuos kūrinius, aptarti paveikslų įgijimo aplinkybes, patikslinti jau skelbtas kūrinių atribucijas ir pristatyti naujai išaiškintus autorius. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe article provides data on the works of Polish painters from the 2nd half of the 19th century preserved in the churches of the Vilkaviškis Diocese. During the second half of the 19th century, numerous churches in the Vilkaviškis Diocese were decorated with professional paintings produced by Polish artists. Some of these works of art stand out for their high artistic level; for example, the churches of Griškabūdis, Kudirkos Naumiestis, and Slavikai are worth mentioning for this particular reason. The paintings have already been published in the books of the continued publication Lithuanian Sacral Fine Arts (Lith. Lietuvos sakralinė dailė), however, not all authors, buyers, or dates of creation were clear at that time. At the end of the 20th century, only 33 paintings produced by seven Polish artists and preserved at the Vilkaviškis Diocese were known. Currently, we can provide data on 101 paintings (i. e. the works by such authors as Leon Biedroński, Wojciech Gerson, Antoni Murzynowski, Kazimierz Alchimowicz, Ignacy Jasiński, Wojciech Piechowski, etc.). Detailed studies of the heritage of the fine arts of the Vilkaviškis Diocese have revealed that there are more works created by the 19th century Polish painters in this region than anywhere else in Lithuania. This is usually associated with the social changes caused by certain political circumstances that occurred in the Užnemunė region. The better economic situation of peasants as well as the expansion of towns enabled benefactors from various social classes to contribute to the construction or reconstruction works of new churches and the supply of various new paraphernalia. The interaction between private and social initiatives determined an increase in the works of high quality professional art in churches of the Užnemunė region.The activities of certain priests (e. g., Saliamonas O leka, Juozas O leka, Vincentas Sakavičius, Andrius Marma, etc.) were also of great importance while acquiring articles of art. The cooperation between the Arch-Fraternity of the Perpetual Adoration of the Holy Sacrament and the Endowment for Poor Churches and the Association for the Promotion of the Fine Arts was highly significant. As a result of such cooperation, the programme on the improvement of the aesthetic view of churches was being implemented for more than ten years, which subsequently encouraged the further collaboration among parish pastors and artists. The article as well as the accompanying catalogue discuss the acquisition circumstances of the works by Polish painters, revise the already published attribution of the works and present newly discovered authors and their works. [From the publication]

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