Elektroninės prekybos knygomis patrauklumo raiška

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Straipsnis / Article
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Elektroninės prekybos knygomis patrauklumo raiška
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Expression of attractiveness in e-commerce of buing books
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Prekyba. Prekybos tinklas / Trade. Distributive trades.
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LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjamai elektroninės prekybos knygomis patrauklumo parametrai, išryškinami veiksniai skatinantys ir ribojantys pirkimo procesą, atskleidžiamos e-prekybos naudojimosi galimybės ir raiška Lietuvoje. Pristatomas kokybinis tyrimas, kurio rezultatai atskleidė elektroninės prekybos knygomis tobulintinus aspektus: daugiau reklamuotis ir informuoti pirkėjus, gausinti knygų asortimentą ir gerinti jų pristatymą pirkėjui bei užtikrinti atsiskaitymo saugumą; elektroninės prekybos knygomis patrauklumo parametrus sudaro: pirkimo patogumas, patrauklūs pasiūlymai, naudojimosi paprastumas, patikimumas, informatyvumas. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: E-prekybos patrauklumas; Elektroninė prekyba; Kokybinė turinio (content) analizė; Attractiveness of electronic business; Content analysis; E-commerce; Electronic business.

ENInformation and communication technology became an important platform in planning for socioeconomic development, leading to the development of the Internet and the formulation of the information highway, bringing the world closer to a new digital age integrating information and communication technology and leading to the development of the global information society that is driven by information dissemination and knowledge acquisition and management. Today, electronic business and electronic commerce present many opportunities for businesses to improve their performance. Ecommerce is a major driving force of change in the global marketplace promising to improve the way people live, work and study. The paper examines the criterions of attractiveness in e-commerce in buying books and determines what stimulate and what limit the use of e-commerce in Lithuania. E-commerce is understood as the process of buying and selling of goods and services on the Internet and provides the ability to perform transactions involving the exchange of goods or services between two or more parties using electronic tools and techniques. In addition, e-commerce is a means of trading involving the use of electronics, principally through the Internet, for the buying/selling process, including advertising, invitations to treat and the negotiation and conclusion of contracts and performance. This work is based on an exploratory research project and used data triangulation to augment an initially qualitative and inductive approach. The views of customers and e-commerce salesmen were sought.Primary data were obtained via interviews with customers and e-commerce salesmen and secondary data from literature review, government statistics and independent surveys. This paper is based on a literature review and a few in-depth interviews. The results of research have revealed the motives of purchasing books using e-commerce, the whole process of purchasing using e-commerce and the factors that stimulate the purchasing process and that limit it. The criterions of attractiveness in e-commerce of buying books are as follows: convenience of purchasing, attractive proposals, ease of use, security and informativeness. [From the publication]

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