Gimnazijų kūrimo teleologinio diskurso ypatumai

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Straipsnis / Article
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Gimnazijų kūrimo teleologinio diskurso ypatumai
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Distinctive features of the teleological discourse on the establishment of gymnasia
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Pedagogika. 2009, 95, p. 76-85
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Gimnazijos; Gimnazijų kūrimas; Gimnazijų diskursas; Gymnasia; Establishment of gymnasia; Discourse of gymnasia.
Gimnazijos; Gimnazijų diskursas; Gimnazijų kūrimas.
Discourse of gymnasia; Establishment of gymnasia; Gymnasia.
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LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjamos Lietuvos gimnazijų kūrimo teleologinės idėjos ir jų raida, gimnazijų tikslų ir paskirties klausimai, teisiniai ir administraciniai gimnazijos kūrimo pagrindai, pateikiama tikslų bei diskurso gimnazijų klausimais bendroji analizė. [Iš leidinio]

ENGymnasia are a unique phenomenon of the educational reform in Lithuania and may be even in the renewal practice of the state on the whole. They are also different from other new educational institutions or their assemblies which were established in Lithuania after recovery of Independence. When gymnasia are evaluated from the point of view of management, teleological problems are clearly seen: what direction this power is headed, what goals and tasks are formulated, what mission a gymnasium means for itself, how various interests go with the goals of gymnasia. The analysis of gymnasia movement, effectiveness of activities, directions, and strategies of possible development once again raises the question of the purpose of establishment of gymnasia, the question of their mission. The reasons are analysed, why the mission was formulated the way it was formulated, if it was changing in the course of years, in what way it was changing, was it retracted from the previous values, and if it is possible that the goal and mission could change in the future, and if it could, in what way it would change.The following aspects have influenced the formation of the goals and the mission of gymnasia: general socio-cultural context, political decisions and legal acts, entire scientific, creative and social discourse regarding the issue of gymnasia. Starting with recover)' of Independence Lithuanian gymnasia experienced the period of creativity and ambiguous change. The analysis of legal acts reveals the three main stages of change: validation of gymnasia, preparation of the first edit of the Concept of Gymnasia and preparation of the second edit of the Concept of Gymnasia. Acknowledging the importance of social context, the idea of restitution was the impulse for re-establishing gymnasia in Lithuania and for telcological searching. But it can not be basis for the goal and the mission of today's gymnasia. It was revealed that an official ideology of gymnasia was changing from a special attention to separate groups of children towards general values. Four main telcological ideas of creating gymnasia arc distinguished: restitution, attention to talented and motivated children, differentiated profiled individualized teaching and general quality of school activities. [From the publication]

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