Kaimiškųjų vietovių plėtros pokyčiai Šiaulių apskrityje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Kaimiškųjų vietovių plėtros pokyčiai Šiaulių apskrityje
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Changes of the rural areas development in Šiauliai county
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LTStraipsnyje analizuojami Šiaulių apskrities kaimiškųjų vietovių plėtros pokyčiai pasiremiant Lietuvos Respublikos teisiniais dokumentais, Statistikos departamento duomenimis (kaimo gyventojų skaičiumi Šiaulių apskrities rajonų savivaldybėse, užimtųjų skaičiumi pagal ekonominės veiklos rūšis ir kt), Šiaulių universiteto Socialinių mokslų fakulteto tyrimais. Atlikta statistinė duomenų analizė, apskaičiuoti rodiklių procentiniai pokyčiai, pateiktos prognozės panaudojant trendo funkciją. Pagrįstos kaimiškųjų vietovių plėtros perspektyvos: investicijos į industrines zonas, ES paramos panauda. [Iš leidinio]

ENIn the article the scientific problem is raised according to the following problematic questions: (1) What are the main Šiauliai region rural areas economic and social breakthrough possibilities, which could be distinguished? (2) What data and forecasts, economic and social indices' groups could be used to justify these possibilities? The aim of the research is to ground economic and social breakthrough possibilities of Šiauliai county rural areas. There have been analyzed Šiauliai county rural areas changes' according to the legal documents of the Republic of Lithuania, data of Department of Statistics (size of rural population in the Šiauliai county municipalities, the number of the employed by economic fields, the numbers of the employed by the economic activities, and others), researches of the Social Sciences Faculty of Šiauliai University. The statistical data analysis has been carried out, the percentage changes of indices have been calculated, and the forecasts have been given using the trend function. The research revealed that the population number from 2001 to 2007 decreased by 5 per cent in six municipalities of Šiauliai county, while the number of the employed in agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishery decreased by one third. The similar decrease is forecasted until 2013. The transition of population of rural areas from agricultural activity to building, services' activities is inevitable . The development perspectives of rural areas (investments into industrial zones, effective use of the EU support, the country sociality and entrepreneurship inducement) have been grounded. The stated arguments and facts allow claiming that the Šiauliai county rural development situation is positive and the consequences of the rural activity are important. [From the publication]

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