The Zooarchaeological investigation of Žagare II (Žvelgaitis) hillfort and manor site

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The Zooarchaeological investigation of Žagare II (Žvelgaitis) hillfort and manor site
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Arheoloģija un etnogrāfija. 2014, 28, p. 111-124
Priešistorė (11 tūkst. m. pr. Kr. – XII a.); 13 amžius; Lietuvos Didžioji Kunigaikštystė. LDK (XIII a. – 1569) / Grand Duchy of Lithuania. GDL; 15 amžius; 16 amžius; 17 amžius; Žagarė; Lietuva (Lithuania); Archeologiniai tyrinėjimai / Archaeological investigations; Piliakalniai / Hilforts; Dvarvietės / Estates.
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ENThis work's aim is, based of the investigation of zooarchaeological material, to survey the nature and development of the nutrition and animal husbandry of Žagare II hillfort and settlement and Senoji Žagare manor during the 12th - 17th c. and to evaluate the osteometric data for their animals. 2440 animal bones collected during the 2009-2010 and 2012 excavations were studied. The investigation results showed that cattle were the most significant animals in people's lives, their proliferation being observable in the zooarchaeological material from not only these sites, but also the majority of the late 16th - 17th c. Lithuanian sites. This change can be explained by and linked with historical circumstances. Keywords: Žagare II hillfort, manor site, Žvelgaitis, 12th - 17th c., zooarchaeology, animal bones. [From the publication]

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