Lietuvių nuostatos migracijos į Norvegiją atžvilgiu

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Straipsnis / Article
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Lietuvių nuostatos migracijos į Norvegiją atžvilgiu
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Attitude of the Lithuanians towards migration to Norway
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Lituanistica. 2022, Nr. 4, p. 348-359
Emigrantai. Išeivija. Egzodas / Emigrants. Diaspora; Migracija / Migration.
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LTStraipsnyje, remiantis 2021 m. Lietuvoje ir Norvegijoje atlikto empirinio tyrimo duomenimis, aptariamos lietuvių migracinės nuostatos Norvegijos atžvilgiu. Apklausos rezultatai padėjo išsiaiškinti esminius Lietuvoje ir Norvegijoje gyvenančių lietuvių požiūrio į Norvegiją skirtumus ir panašumus: kuo Norvegija yra patraukli lietuviams, kas skatina lietuvius emigruoti į Norvegiją, kas skatina lietuvius pasilikti gyventi Norvegijoje visam laikui, su kuo jiems asocijuojasi Norvegija, ar Norvegija yra gera vieta auginti vaikus ir pan. Raktažodžiai: Norvegija, Norvegijos lietuviai, emigrantai, migracija, migracinės nuostatos. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe article is based on the data of an empirical research conducted in Lithuania and Norway in 2021 and discusses the attitudes of the Lithuanians towards migration to Norway. The results of the survey helped to identify the main differences and similarities between the attitudes of the Lithuanians living in Lithuania and those residing in Norway towards migration to Norway: what encourages Lithuanians to emigrate to this country and stay there permanently, what associations Norway raises for Lithuanians, whether this country is a good place to raise children, and so on. Survey results showed that the Lithuanians residing in Lithuania and those living in Norway have similar opinions about Norway. Norway attracts Lithuanians by its economic aspects, such as higher wages and an opportunity to improve their economic situation. In addition, both groups of the Lithuanians appreciate the beautiful nature of Norway as one of the most important aspects of the country’s attraction. The main differences between the opinions of the two groups are that the Lithuanians living in Norway have fewer negative associations regarding Norway. They also have a better attitude towards raising children in Norway than the Lithuanians living in Lithuania. Typically, Lithuanian emigrants are between 15 and 44 years of age; older Lithuanians have weaker intentions to move to another country. Even though the Lithuanians in Lithuania have a positive view of Norway as a potential immigration country, their attitude towards it is often influenced by various stereotypes shaped by the environment and media.The majority of the Lithuanians residing in Norway are satisfied with their living conditions in this country. Many of them doubt that they will ever return to Lithuania. Although the majority of the Lithuanians in Norway nurture their Lithuanian identity and nationality, they are also making efforts to accept Norwegian culture. Keywords: Norway, Lithuanians living in Norway, emigrants, immigrants, migration, attitudes. [From the publication]

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