Apie supervizijos naudą: socialinių darbuotojų ir pedagogų patirtys

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Straipsnis / Article
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Apie supervizijos naudą: socialinių darbuotojų ir pedagogų patirtys
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Benefits of supervision: experience of social workers and pedagogues
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Socialinis darbas. Patirtis ir metodai [Social Work. Experience and Methods]. 2018, 22, p. 83-93
Mokytojai. Pedagogai / Teachers. Pedagogues; Socialiniai darbuotojai / Social workers; Socialinis darbas / Social work; Supervizija / Supervision.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje remiamasi dviejų profesinių grupių – socialinių darbuotojų ir pedagogų – supervizijų patirtimi. Supervizijos dalyvių refleksijų pagrindu atskleidžiama, kokius supervizijos momentus galima laikyti universaliais, nepriklausomai nuo jos dalyvių skirtingos profesijos. Reikšminiai žodžiai: grupės supervizija, supervizijos nauda, socialinių darbuotojų supervizija, pedagogų supervizija. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe article is based on the analysis of the group supervision experience and supervisees‘ reflections in two different professional groups, i.e. social workers and pedagogues. It has been revealed that all the participants of the supervision, regardless of their professions, see the following benefits of supervision: a possibility to know themselves and others, to see different perspectives and different attitudes towards problems, to strengthen mutual relations in the group and working environment, to strengthen motivation for work, and to gain more confidence in the professional field. Changes identified by the respondents as a consequence of supervision are also common for groups of different professions: changes in mutual relations, changes in professional attitude, and need for professional change. It reveals the universal impact of supervision in different professional fields. Keywords: group supervision, advantage of supervision, supervision for social workers, supervision for pedagogues. [From the publication]

2029-0470; 2029-5820
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