Characteristics of generations X and Y educational career-related choices

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Characteristics of generations X and Y educational career-related choices
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Reikšminiai žodžiai: Karjeros pasirinkimai, pasirinkimų ypatybės, X ir Y kartos, socialiniai pokyčiai, Lietuva. Keywords: Educational career choices; Characteristics of choices; Generations X and Y; Societal change; Lithuania.
Y karta; Karjera / Career; Pasirinkimas; Profesijos pasirinkimas; Socialiniai pokyčiai.
Choice of profession; Choice; Generation Y; Generation X; Social change.
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ENA professional educational career-related choice that is understood as a process of decision-making that includes several career options is one of the most important decisions in human life. A chosen professional career path influences all areas of human life such as creation of close relations and family, social status, leisure, improvement, mobility, etc. When members of Generation Y who are characteristic of different values and behaviours start to dominate in the labour market over the preceding Generation X, the conflict of generation that arises complicates labour relations. Thus, the aim of this study is to define what are the characteristics of career-related choices of Generation Y and Generation X? How are characteristics of these choices related to the properties of each generation as highlighted in the generational theory as well as the historical and cultural contexts that have formed them? The following methods of research data collection where used: analysis of scientific literature and interview. The data obtained was analysed using qualitative content analysis. It was determined that there were obvious differences between characteristics of educational career-related choices of members of Generation X and Generation Y. Comparing career-related choices between Generation X and Generation Y, it was revealed that the historical and cultural contexts had great influence on career-related choices of both generations. [From the publication]

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