The Analysis of the characteristics of physical and combat training and control for future police officers

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The Analysis of the characteristics of physical and combat training and control for future police officers
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Visuomenės saugumas ir viešoji tvarka [Public security and public order]. 2021, 27, p. 122-133
Kūno kultūra ir sportas / Physical training and sports; Ugdymas / Education; Kūno kultūra / Physical training.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThis article aims to reveal the characteristics of physical and combat training applied for future statutory officers and to examine different aspects of the training process control. One of the functions assigned to the position of a police officer is to be in good physical condition. In their work, police officers face different situations which include a possibility of using physical force and combat self-defense. The regulations of the system of physical and combat training for police officers are relatively new. The current situation puts forward a question whether institutions offering police professional training use a similar model for the assessment of candidates for admission, and whether introduced changes in the legislation are coinsidered in the training and assessment of the physical and combat training of students and cadets. The article analyzes the requirements that educational institutions apply to candidates who wish to become police officers. The study also compares how these requirements change during the training process and after a person is employed as a police officer. In each case, the legal framework is examined that is applicable to the physical and combat training process.The analysis of the characteristics of the physical and combat training of future police officers and the legal regulation of the physical training and additional requirements for police officers showed that not all police professional training institutions strictly follow the latest legal acts applicable to current police officers. The requirements for the assessment and control of general physical fitness slightly differ for both candidates to specific training institutions and those who study in these institutions. The differences that have been identified in the study do not have any negative influence on the process of physical fitness training, on the contrary, they enable to better display individual abilities. The results of the study showed that both areas of physical training and combat training are legally well regulated. [From the publication]

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