Between locality and globality: the problems of the history of philosophy in Lithuania

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Between locality and globality: the problems of the history of philosophy in Lithuania
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Sententiae. 2021, 40, 2, p. 46-54
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Lokalumas; Globalumas; Filosofijos istorija; Lietuva. Keywords: Locality; Globality; History of philosophy; Lithuania.

ENThe article deals with the problem of the local and global significance of Lithuanian philos ophy. We discuss questions related to the meaning of the very concept of Lithuanian philosophy and evaluation of its scope. A controversy whether to cover all philosophical works written in the territories of historical Lithuania or to include only the works of ethnic Lithuanians (or at least the works written in Lithuanian) is talked over. The problem of the priorities in determining the relevant sources of the history of philosophy in Lithuania is described by pointing to the complexity of an assessment as the importance of the text for the development of Lithuanian self-awareness or its social significance scarcely coincide with its impact on global philosophy. The question of the priority of the texts written in the national language versus the translations of the main heritage of Western philosophy is addressed. We proceed further with a description of the works and the authors related to Lithuania and at the same time relevant to the philosophy of Europe, or at least neighbouring countries. The characteristics of the creative opposition be tween Protestant and Counter-Reformation thinkers is given. Martinus Smiglecius book on Logics and the main figures in the reception of German classical philosophy are discussed. Fi nally, the philosophical aspects of Litvak Judaism and their research are referred to. [From the publication]

2075-6461; 2308-8915
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