Родной язык в иноязычном окружении: проблемы и результаты исследования (на материале русского языка в Литве)

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Straipsnis / Article
Rusų kalba / Russian
Родной язык в иноязычном окружении: проблемы и результаты исследования (на материале русского языка в Литве)
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Native Language in Foreign Language Environment: the problems and results of the research (based on the Russian language in Lithuania)
In the Journal:
Вестник Пермского университета. Филология. 2006, t. 3 (3) : Язык. Культура. Цивилизация, 210-219
Gimtoji kalba / Native language; Rusų kalba / Russian language; Žiniasklaida / Mass media.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje aptariama gimtosios kalbos vartojimo situacija svetimoje aplinkoje. Tyrimo metu analizuoti keli rusų kalbos vartojimo Lietuvoje šaltiniai: sakytinės rusų kalbos įrašai, Lietuvos žiniasklaidos tekstai rusų kalba, anketos, atskleidžiančios vienos kalbos įtaką kitai. Aprašant rusų kalbos vartojimo Lietuvoje ypatumus, aptariami rusų ir lietuvių (kai kuriuose Lietuvos regionuose rusų ir lenkų, rusų ir baltarusių) kalbų kontaktai, rusų kalbos vartojimo situacijos, rusų kalbos kaip gimtosios kalbos vartojimo ypatybės svetimoje aplinkoje.Reikšminiai žodžiai: Gimtoji kalba; Rusų kalba; Native language; Russian language.

ENConsiderable changes in the socio-political situation at the turn of the centuries, the rise of new sovereign states selecting new political, economical and national integral orientation as well as rejection of the old priorities directly have affected the linguistic situation in many European countries and the status of the Russian language in particular. The objective of the study is research of linguistic peculiarities of the Russian language (as a native language) in Lithuania caused by interaction with the Lithuanian language (in some regions also with Polish and Byelorussian) during the previous decennials, namely from the ninetieth of the 20th century till present. The prevailing aspect of the research is the linguistic aspect, namely revealing of peculiarity of the Russian language conditioned by interaction with surrounding languages. The following sources and illustrative corpus covering the period from 1991 to 2005 are used in the study: Russian mass media in Lithuania; records of the spoken language of Russians; questionnaires disclosing influence of languages in contact over the Russian speech, as well as frequency of use, etc. The research enables us to define some common character and particularity of occurrences observed in the Russian language of Lithuania in comparison with the Russian language of metropolis and the Russian language in foreign language environment. Regional particularity of the Russian language of Lithuania is manifested in the usage of the language itself, linguistic faculties and texts produced rather than in the system of the language.

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