Wychowankowie seminarium duchownego w Sejnach - twórcy niepodległej Litwy

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Straipsnis / Article
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Wychowankowie seminarium duchownego w Sejnach - twórcy niepodległej Litwy
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Alumni of the Seminary in Sejny - founders of Lithuanian national independence
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Studia Ełckie. 2019, vol. 21, no. 1, p. 39-46
Auklėtiniai; Dvasinė seminarija; Nepriklausoma Lietuva; Seinai; Seinų seminarija; Seinų vyskupija; Tautinis atgimimas; Tautinis sąjūdis; Tautinė sąmonė.
Diocese of Sejny; Independent Lithuania; Lithuanian National Revival; National consciousness; Seinai; Seminary in Sejny; Spiritual seminary; Students.
Summary / Abstract:

ENSeminary in Sejny was founded few years after the establishment of the Diocese of Sejny. This article presents the role of its students at the process of regaining independence by Lithuania. During the study at the seminary pro-spective priests were forming their national identity, so that they could be in-volved into the process of formation awareness of their parishioners. Students at the seminary were committed to the distribution of printed materials in Lith-uanian language that were forbidden. They also took part in activity of Lithua-nian associations. Some clergymen were committed to the process of creation of political and economic basics of Lithuania’s independence. One of the repre-sentatives of the Diocese of Sejny (Augustów) was a member of Lithuanian authorities and had signed Act of Independence. Four priests were chosen to the Lithuanian parliament. [From the publication]

1896-6896; 2353-1274
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