Lietuvos jūrininkų saviugdos poreikiai XXI a. pradžioje: vertybinis aspektas

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Straipsnis / Article
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Lietuvos jūrininkų saviugdos poreikiai XXI a. pradžioje: vertybinis aspektas
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The Seamen's Needs of the Self-Education at the Beginning of XXI Century: The Value Aspec
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Pedagogika. 2005, 80, p. 57-62
Dorovinis ugdymas / Moral education.
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LTStraipsnyje analizuojama Lietuvos jūrininkų saviugdos poreikių problema. Atskleidžiamos Lietuvos jūrininkų vertybinės orientacijos. Akcentuojamos reikšmingos jūrininkams vertybės: antropocentrinės, sociocentrinės ir transcendentinės, kurios charakterizuoja jų saviugdos tikslus. Pateikiami tyrimo, kuriuo buvo siekiama nustatyti, kam jūrininkai gyvenime teikia pirmenybę ir į ką orientuojasi saviugdos procese – individualybę, visuomenę ar transcendentinę realybę, duomenys. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Jūrininkai; Saviugda; Saviugdos poreikiai; Vertybės; Seamen; Self-education; Needs of self-education; Values.

ENIn this article the problems of the Lithuanian seamen’s needs for self-education are analyzed, their value orientations are revealed. According to the work specifics, seamen are a social group, which is isolated from families, significant others and friends, as well as external sources of information. Upon returning the seamen have to adapt to life on shore, change habits and the rhythm of life, which causes a lot of social and psychological problems. The data of a research, which aimed to ascertain preferences of seamen and priorities is the area of self-education, shows that the biggest part of respondents preferred socio-centric value, i.e. the family. Other highly evaluated anthropocentric values were health and money. Also, seamen underlined work as a value. Less importance was given to the extremely anthropocentric value—power—and the transcendental value—religion. The nationality of seamen is a rather important factor, which makes influence on their needs of self-education: Lithuanian seamen are mostly disposed to follow socio-centric values, Ukrainian – anthropocentric. The family status is also an important factor, which makes influence on self-education of seamen: married people give more time and attention for their families, meanwhile single—for themselves. The analysis of seamen’s needs of self-education helps a better understanding of peculiarities of their lives and activities as well as problems, and ascertains their relationships with neighbours and themselves.

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