Lithuanian cultural identity and the power of modern nomad

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Lithuanian cultural identity and the power of modern nomad
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Identity and globalization : ethical implications / edited by: Dalia Marija Stanciene, Irena Darginaviciene, Susan Robbins. 2018. P. 19-33. (Lithuanian philosophical studies ; 8) (Cultural heritage and contemporary change. Series IVA, Eastern and Central European philosophical studies ; vol. 57)
Lithuanian cultural identity; European Union; Nomadic power; Globalization.
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ENAfter Lithuania received the EU membership, the relationship between the Lithuanian and European identity had become relevant. Lithuanian identity encompasses a wide spectrum of ethnocultural, historical, axiological, social, and political elements. It is related not only with collective consciousness but also with individual self-awareness. In the context of globalization and modernization the Lithuanian identity changes its own stereotypes causing the feeling of uncertainty which unbalances the Lithuanian national self-awareness. The construction of European identity proceeds within the sphere of political, economical, and cultural discourse in order to realize certain political purposes. One of them is creation of European civil community. Therefore, the questions do arise: How to preserve national identity in the process of Europeanization? How to resist the symptom of nomadism in the conditions of “free market” and changing identity here and now?. []

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