Organizational values in human resource management context: case of Lithuania

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Organizational values in human resource management context: case of Lithuania
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Human resources management and ergonomics [HRM&E]. 2018, vol. 12, no. 1, p. 6-20
Įmonės socialinė atsakomybė; Organizacijos kultūra; Organizacinės vertybės; Turinio analizė; Žmogiškųjų išteklių valdymas.
Content analysis; Corporate social responsibility (CSR); Human resource managament (HRM); Organizational culture; Organizational values.
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ENThe concept of values has long been discussed extensively in various areas of literature and considered an important aspect of organization. Despite the wide coverage of the topic, a number of theoretical and practical issues rise from the lack of a common theoretical understanding to conceptualization and application of organizational values leading to a normative control, inefficiency and misconduct. Accordingly, the aim of the paper is to evaluate the links between organizational values declared by Lithuanian companies and their human resources management (HRM) practices disclosed by factors such as the strength of organizational culture, the commitment to social responsibility resulting in requirement for publishing values to stakeholders and the type of organization’s capital (foreign or local). The results of the content analysis of 80 Lithuanian biggest taxpayers declaring organizational values revealed that there are a number of companies in Lithuania that are not inclined to declare values and social responsibility. A comparison of the results of Lithuanian and foreign capital companies made it possible to make assumptions about the organizational culture of enterprises. The results showed that Lithuanian capital organizations are more prone to declare values, to submit descriptions of them and to declare social responsibility, which shows that they have a stronger organizational culture and healthier HRM practices. [From the publication]

1337-0871; 1338-4988
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