Experience of acquiring positive parenting skills in children daily care centres

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Experience of acquiring positive parenting skills in children daily care centres
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Pozityvioji tėvystė; Tėvų mokymasis; Vaikų dienos centrai.
Positive parenting; Parent training; Children day care centers.
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ENThe article analyses experiences of developing positive parenting skills of parents whose children attend children’s daily care centres (hereinafter CDCC). The concept of the development of Positive Parenting is presented. A qualitative-empirical study has been conducted by using the method of a semi-structured interview. The study data were processed by using the method of content analysis. The results of the empirical study are based on the experience of 8 parents, whose children attend daily care centres. The results of the empirical research on the development of positive parenting skills in children’s daily care centres reveal that parents are provided with opportunities to develop positive parenting skills with the help of course/seminars, open lectures and individual consultations. Parents’ self-support groups, individual consultations and different literature resources that are offered by specialists of children’s daily care centres create prerequisites for the self-development of parenting skills, as well as cooperation-based relations with own children. However, there are a number of informants that tend to transfer responsibility for children’s education to the staff of daily care centres rather than assume it themselves. Some of the research participants would like to attend training courses more often, yet they cannot due to working or family conditions as they do not have anyone to leave younger children with.The analysis of the research results reveals that the welfare of children attending daily care centres necessitates for the development of parents’ positive parenting skills, which helps parents to positively communicate and cooperate with own children, to establish harmonious interrelationships and spend time together. The general competences acquired by parents (transferable skills) enable a family to live more harmoniously, give children an opportunity to observe parents’ positive behaviour and develop positive parenting skills through a harmonious participation in family life. [From the publication]

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