The Economic factors influence on real estate market development

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The Economic factors influence on real estate market development
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Ad alta. 2018, vol. 8, iss. 2, p. 141-146
Ekonomikos augimas; Plėtra; Nekilnojamasis turtas; Nekilnojamojo turto rinka.
Economic growth; Development; Real estate; Real estate market.
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ENThe real estate market has a significant impact on the development of any country's economy. However, there is also a reverse effect - economic growth leads to inevitable changes in the real estate market. The author's analysis of scientific literature shows that the real estate market is influenced by the same macro and microeconomic factors that affect the entire economy and social environment. These are general indicators reflecting the state of the economy or its sector, which may be affected by demand, consumer expectations, declines in government grants for a particular region, or other negative factors. These negative factors lead to a fall in the profitability of regional branches of economy, which also affects the overall economic situation. This article examines the impact of the income gap of a specific region on the real estate market and regional development. [From the publication]

1804-7890; 2464-6733
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