Bendrinė lietuvių kalba: ar madinga jaunimui vartoti taisyklingą kalbą?

Mokslo publikacijos / Scientific publications
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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Bendrinė lietuvių kalba: ar madinga jaunimui vartoti taisyklingą kalbą?
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Standard Lithuanian language: is it in fashion for young people to accurately use the language?
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Gimtoji kalba mokykloje. 2019, 7/8, p. 35-52
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Bendrinė lietuvių kalba; Jaunimo požiūris; Kalbos prestižas; Language prestige; Standard Lithuanian language; Young people' s attitude.
Bendrinė kalba. Kalbos norminimas / Standard language. Language standartization; Jaunimas / Youth; Kalbos prestižas.
Young people' s attitude; Language prestige; Standard Lithuanian language.
Summary / Abstract:

LTŠiame straipsnyje pristatomo tyrimo objektas - Šiaulių valstybinės kolegijos įvairių studijų programų studentų požiūris į bendrinės lietuvių kalbos vartojimą viešajame ir elektroniniame diskursuose. Tyrimo tikslas - išanalizuoti studentų požiūrį l bendrinės lietuvių kalbos vartojimą viešajame ir elektroniniame diskursuose. Taikomi anketinės apklausos, duomenų analizės ir lyginimo metodai. [Iš straipsnio, p. 35]

ENLithuanian language has been competing with global English language to an increasing extent due to rapid development of science and technologies, international commerce and information exchange. Tendency to less and less often use Lithuanian language both in everyday usage (e.g. exchanging text messages, socializing in social networks) and formal (e.g. scientific articles, company names) situations has been noticed. Young people have different approach towards standard Lithuanian language (SL): some pride in it and attempt to use it not only in public, others ignore even the most important SL rules. 304 Šiauliai State College students from different study programmes (social, technology, biomedical sciences) participated in the survey and expressed their opinion on the usage of standard Lithuanian language. Opinions on Lithuanian name of a company have distributed almost by half: some students claim, that such name is hard to understand, therefore the company cannot expand, others think, that Lithuanian name of a company does not have any impact on business. One third of all the respondents are convinced, that a language, which is not established electronic world, will disappear. However, two thirds state, that a language is used not only in electronic environment; consequently it will survive until at least one person speaks it. Less than a third of all the respondents agree, that Lithuanian letters may not be used while texting or posting comments online, the remaining part of the respondents disagree with this approach. Nevertheless, a part of the students themselves ignore Lithuanian letters while writing. The research did not reveal the students' attitude towards standard language among the students of different study programmes. [From the publication]

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