Традиция исполнения лютеранских песнопений в Клайпедском крае: региональные особенности

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Традиция исполнения лютеранских песнопений в Клайпедском крае: региональные особенности
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Lutheran psalm singing tradition in Klaipėda region: regional peculiarities
Giedojimas; Giedojimo tradicija; Klaipėda; Klaipėdos kraštas [Klaipeda region]; Liuteronai; Liuteronų psalmės; Regioniškumas; Tradicinis atlikimas.
Klaipėda; Klaipėda region; Lutheran psalms; Lutherans; Psalm singing tradition; Psalms; Regionalism; Traditional singing.
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ENThe history of the melodic lines of Lutheran psalms in Klaipėda region is tightly connected with the history of both German and Lithuanian traditional and confessional cultures. Local Lithuanian influences are very important here, and these melodic lines reflect the Lithuanian musical world-outlook of the common people here singing psalms in the church and at home. There are two possible ways by which Lutheran psalms in Klaipėda region acquired Lithuanian melodic formations. In some cases individual singers created very special melodies for their own psalm singing; in others some clear local melodic variants, unified and known by all the people in the same parish were adopted. Local variants of the same psalm may differ between neighbouring Lutheran churches (parishes) in Klaipėda region. There are two possible ways to estimate the value of so-called “Lithuanised”, local folk melodies of psalms. From the point of view of some priests educated in the German-way, they can be called negatively as “mistakes”, “deformations” etc. of the clear historical Germanstyle melodies. From the ethnomusicological point they are viewed positively as very important and unique examples of the local musical culture of Klaipėda region in Lithuania. Common Lutheran people in Klaipėda region tend to be lyric in their hearts, and it was not easy for them to accept cold and strange Choral melodies. Wishing to open their hearts to the Lord in their praying practice, common Lutherans sang Psalms using the most beautiful, the most cordial, common and understandable local melodies, well known from everyday folk life. These transformations of such melodies were as a rule made unconsciously, in the deep ecstasy of praying. [From the publication]

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