Struktura i zasady kompletowania ksiąg sądowych Metryki Litewskiej Zygmunta Augusta

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Struktura i zasady kompletowania ksiąg sądowych Metryki Litewskiej Zygmunta Augusta
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Structure and pattern of formation of Court Books to the Lithuanian Metrica under King Sigismund Augustus
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Rocznik Lituanistyczny . 2018, 4, p. 7-23
Byla; Ieškinys; Janas Šimkovičius; Jonas Šimkovičius; Karalius Žygimantas Augustas; Lietuvos Didžiosios Kunigaikštystės kanceliarija; Lietuvos Metrika; Raštininkai; Teisiniai dokumentai; Teismo dokumentai; Teismo knygos; Teismų knygos; Įrašai; Žygimantas Augustas
Chancery of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania; Court books; Jan Szymkowicz; Judicial documents; King Sigismund Augustus; Lawsuit; Lithuanian Metrica; Scribes; Sigismund Augustus
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ENHitherto, the development of the books of the Lithuanian Metrica, as well as their categorisation by the character of the documents, has been studied mainly by focusing on the earliest, so-called books of entries from the late fi ft eenth and early sixteenth centuries. The analysis of the king’s court registers from the same period revealed that no uniform pattern in forming of court records existed at that time, and the chronology of documents included in the books depended on factors such as the king's itinerary or court scribe's occupational activities and his written culture. Th is article explores the structure of six record books of the king's court and tries to ascertain whether the pattern for preserving this court's documents changed in the mid-sixteenth century. The research has revealed that the documents of the court presided over by King Sigismund Augustus in 1554-1568 were written in fi ve books which overlapped as regards the chronology of the documents but were distinct in their contents. However, one of these registers, the so-called Court Record Book no. 35, is distinct in its chronological scope, for it was formed out of documents from the whole period of fourteen years. It became clear that the Book of Entries no. 38 also contains documents, though different in character, from the same period of fourteen years (1554-1568). In the inventory of original books of the Lithuanian Metrica both these books are referred to as the books of the scribe Jan Szymkowicz. Thus, the king's scribes categorised the documents according to their character. On the other hand, it is clear that there were no "specialist" scribes in the chancery of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and the cases were recorded by officials accompanying the king. This explains the overlapping chronology of some of these books and why documents written in the same year ended up in different books.Sigismund Augustus' letter to Mikołaj Radziwiłł called Rudy (The Red) written after Szymkowicz's death (1569) sheds light on the question why the chronological scope of Szymkowicz's books was so unusually broad. The letter reveals that the scribe kept the duplicates of numerous documents and "notebooks" at home. The refore, it could be supposed that the original books composed of the scribe's "notebooks" could have been assembled after his death. The analysis of the structure of these and other court registers (nos. 24, 34, 37, 40, and 47) shows that there was no uniform pattern to be followed in order to make the king's court registers in the chancery of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the mid-sixteenth century. It is clear, however, that grand scribes undertook the process of book formation: the "notebooks" containing the documents written by a scribe formed a basis for an individual court record book. Nonetheless, their internal structure depended on other factors as well (e.g. the activities of the king's court, the duration and periodicity of court sessions, which were oft en interrupted by important state aff airs). The chronological consistency of the entries, common to all the books, was most likely determined by the practical demand to quicken the search of the requested documents. [From the publication]

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