Fribūro universiteto studentų ateitininkų kuopos susirinkimų protokolai

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Fribūro universiteto studentų ateitininkų kuopos susirinkimų protokolai
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Minutes of University of Friborg students, members of “Ateitininkai” Association, meeting
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Soter. 2018, 68 (96), p. 77-111
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Fribūro universitetas; Ateitininkai; Draugija „Lituanija“; Protokolai; Studentai katalikai; University of Freiburg; Members of youth organization "Ateitis"; Association "Lituania"; Minutes; Catholic students.
Draugijos. Organizacijos / Societies. Organisations; Fribūro universitetas; Protokolai; Studentai katalikai; Universitetai / Universities; Katalikybė. Katalikų Bažnyčia / Catholicism. Catholic Church.
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LTPublikacijoje skelbiami Fribūro universiteto studentų ateitininkų kuopos 1921–1929 m. susirinkimų protokolai, kurie saugomi Lietuvos istorijos instituto bibliotekos rankraštyne. Skelbiama archyvinė medžiaga svarbi ne tik pažinti Fribūro universiteto lietuvių studentų visuomeniniai veiklai, studentų kasdienybei, bet ir apskritai ateitininkų veiklos tyrimams ir ypač studentų ateitininkų organizaciniams siekiams užsienyje. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe Lithuanian Catholic Student Union was founded in 1910 in Leven University and is considered to be the initiator of the Union of Ateitininkai. During the First World War, the activities of the Lithuanian Catholic Students’ Union were interrupted. In 1920, students in Berlin took the initiative to revive the student union and became a coordinating centre. Lithuanian students of the University of Friborg have already had their own society, which was founded in 1899 and was called “Ruta”. In 1915 the name of this association was changed to “Lituania”. However, the “Lituania” society was not able to join the Union of Ateitininkai under the Statutes of the Union of Corporations of the Friborg University. As a result, a new organization had to be set up, although its members were the same students. The founding meeting of the Friborg Ateitininkai took place on the 9th of January, 1921. Based on the remaining minutes, the Association operated until 1929. This publication publishes all the minutes of the meetings of the Ateitininkai of the University of Friborg, which are now stored in the manuscript of the Library of the Lithuanian Institute of History. [From the publication]

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