Iš Berlyno studentų ateitininkų organizacinės veiklos (1920-1923)

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Iš Berlyno studentų ateitininkų organizacinės veiklos (1920-1923)
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From the organisational activities of the ateitininkai students in Berlin, 1920-1923
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Lietuvių katalikų mokslo akademijos metraštis [LKMA metraštis]. 2021, t. 44, p. 27-38
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Ateitininkai; Studentai; Organizacijos; 20 amžius; Berlynas; Miestai; Cities; 20th century; "Ateitis" movement; Organizations; Students.
20 amžius; Berlynas; Draugijos. Organizacijos / Societies. Organisations; Miestai ir miesteliai / Cities and towns; Studentai / Students.
20th century; Ateitis movement.
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ENThe attempts of the ateitininkai students (student members of the Lithuanian Catholic Federation ‘Ateitis’) to resume their activities in Kaunas in 1919–1920 did not yield positive results. It was then decided to move their activities to Berlin. The organisation of the Union of Ateitininkai Students is linked to the activities of Berlin students. At the end of 1920, the meeting of the ateitininkai students in Berlin entrusted the elected board with the temporary duties of the Central Council of the Ateitininkai Student Union, a position which the ateitininkai in Berlin continued to hold until the 1922 conference of the Union of Ateitininkai Students. Among the most important activities were the deliberations on the statute, the preparatory work for the conferences of the ateitininkai students in 1921 and 1922. The activities of the Berlin association were typical of the work of student associations: organisation of activities, reading and discussion of essays, writing of articles, and the enhancement of the content of the magazine Ateitis (Future). The ateitininkai also had publishing plans: to produce a calendar and to publish collections of social and philosophical articles published in the magazine Ateitis. Some thought was given to writing a history of the ateitininkai. The students were concerned with issues related to the internal affairs and foreign policy of Lithuania. However, it should be noted that little attention was paid to such an important issue as students’ relief. [From the publication]

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