Dimension of consumer culture in verbal creativity expression of pre-service technology teachers in the Baltic Countries: the field of electronics

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Dimension of consumer culture in verbal creativity expression of pre-service technology teachers in the Baltic Countries: the field of electronics
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Rural environment. Education. Personality [REEP]. 2016, 9, p. 174-186. Proceedings of the 9th international scientific conference
Aukštasis mokslas. Studijos / Higher education. Study; Būsimi technologijų mokytojai; Būsimieji technologijų mokytojai; Elektronika; Mokytojų ugdymas / Teacher education; Namų ekonomika; Namų ūkio ekonomika; Vartojimo kultūra; Vartotojimo kultūra; Verbalinis kūrybiškumas.
Consumer culture; Electronics; Home economics; Preservice Technology teachers; Pre-service Technology teachers; Verbal creativity.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe article investigates the expression of verbal creativity of the Baltic pre-service Technology teachers in their final years of study and analyzes the constituent dimension of consumer culture. The students’ verbal creativity was examined by means of a verbal expression questionnaire which had been compiled following the methodological recommendations of E. P. Torrance for diagnosing a person’s creativity. The development of consumer culture is part of Technological education curriculum analyzing the issues of responsible consumption which are becoming more and more complex. In most cases the result of education is directly dependent on the educator’s knowledge, skills, values, habits, experience and sophistication. Creativity breeds creativity, hence, the expression of verbal creativity of pre-service Technology teachers is analyzed as a means to reveal the relation of pre-service teachers with the field of electronics in terms of consumption. The choice of pre-service Technology teachers was determined by the specificity of the subject. The knowledge and patterns gained in classes of home economics are applied practically, hence, the relation between Technology teachers’ verbal creativity and consumer culture as well as its expression are becoming increasingly important in the context of preparing learners’ for real life.Research shows that the total average grade for academic achievements of the Baltic pre-service Technology teachers in the final years of studies is higher than average (more than 80%) which makes it possible to assume that the informants’ subject specific knowledge is higher than the basic level. The analysis of the qualitative research data shows that the informants, irrespective of their average study grade, possess all features of verbal creativity expression – creative fluency, flexibility and originality. Yet, the study did not reveal any tendentious correlation between the informants’ verbal creativity expression scores and their study results. However, it was determined that every group included informants who clearly distinguished themselves by the highest and lowest verbal creativity scores. The research data analysis makes it possible to argue that people’s individual life experience is significant for the expression of verbal creativity. The aforementioned achievements of the informants create favorable conditions for a successful organization of the education process since the educational interaction among the participants of the education process is initiated and maintained in the verbal form. [From the publication]

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