Lithuanian women‘s situation in the labour market: employment, career motives and obstacles

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Lithuanian women‘s situation in the labour market: employment, career motives and obstacles
Moterų užimtumas; Lyčių lygybė; Profesinė segregacija; Moterų karjeros motyvai ir kliūtys.
Female employment; Gender equality; Occupational segregation; Women career motives and obstacles.
Summary / Abstract:

ENAfter gaining its independence in 1990, Lithuania made commitments to the European Union strategies for gender equality. The authors of this paper aim to give the overview on Lithuanian women’s situation in the labour market by depicting their employment rate in diff erent areas of activity-education, politics and business – areas that focus on occupational segregation and gender pay gap. These are important indicators of gender equality in labour market. The article reviews recent offi cial national and international statistical data, the academic literature and empirical fi ndings of some research studies. The latter revealed the attitudes about motives and the main obstacles to female careers in Lithuania. The statistical analysis and empirical fi ndings indicate that regardless of the increasing female employment rates and the high level of educational attainment of women, Lithuania’s society still continues to prioritise a traditional gender system and maintain traditional gender-role stereotypes. Men dominate in decision-making positions in businesses, educational institutions and politics, so there are many issues to be discussed and changes to be implemented to achieve equal representation of women in Lithuania in the future. [From the publication]

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