Students' self-determined motivation for becoming a physical education teacher

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Students' self-determined motivation for becoming a physical education teacher
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Strategien der Lehrerbildung : zur Steigerung von Lehrkompetenzen und Unterrichtsqualität / Gerd-Bodo von Carlsburg (Hrsg./ed.). Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Edition, 2016. P. 549-561. (Baltische Studien zur Erziehungs- und Sozialwissenschaft ; Bd. 31)
Kūno kultūros mokymas kaip profesija; Motyvacija; Mokytojai.
Physical education teaching as a profession; Self-determined motivation; Preservice teachers.
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ENThe study provides analysis of the motivation students to choose physical education teaching as a profession. Students’ self-determined motivation for becoming physical education teachers was investigated using The Academic Motivation Scale (AMS). 311 lst-4th year students of four Lithuanian universities participated in the study (61.7% were males and 37.3% were females). They were pre-service teachers of physical education that had been admitted to fulltime studies in the field of Sport Education within the group of Education and Training Studies. The findings show that both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is inherent to the choice of the profession and training for the future profession of pre-service teachers of physical education, whereas the scores of motivation differ at different study years. The results of the research show that third year students have the highest intrinsic motivation, whereas the lowest level of amotivation is among first year students. In general, females returned higher scores for all motivation types than males. The results revealed that the scores of all subscales of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation were the lowest among high performance athletes, whereas the scores of their amotivation were higher than the scores of lower performance athletes, though statistically significant differences were not determined. The research results point to the development of the study process by choosing strategies that promote students’ intrinsic motivation, as well as further investigation of the shifts in students’ motivation throughout the studies and their dependence on the quality of the process of studies. [From the publication]

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