Formy dialogu pamięci i historii w humanistyce litewskiej po roku 1990 (wykorzystanie metody "oral history")

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Formy dialogu pamięci i historii w humanistyce litewskiej po roku 1990 (wykorzystanie metody "oral history")
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Forms of dialogue between memory and history in the Lithuanian humanities afer 1990: on the use of oral history
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Acta Baltico-Slavica. 2018, Nr. 42, p. 271-287. Bałtyckie i słowiańskie konteksty (nie)pamięci [The Baltic and Slavic contexts of (non-)memory]
Sakytinė istorija; Humanitariniai mokslai Lietuvoje; Lietuvos istoriografija; Atmintis; XX–XXI a. sandūra.
Oral history; Lithuanian humanities; Lithuanian historiography; Memory; Turn of the 21st century.
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ENThis article is devoted to the tradition of research using the method of oral history which has developed in the Lithuanian humanities since the country’s independence. It attempts to explain how Lithuanian scholars have employed the method and what challenges they face using it; what research problems they have resolved as a result and what they still hope to achieve in the near future; what studies based on the method of oral history should be considered the most important and display the highest potential in the context of developments in the Lithuanian humanities. The first part of the article discusses various challenges faced by Lithuanian scholars who rely on oral history as their main research tool. In the second part the focus is on the presentation of particular cases of successful studies employing the interview method; it also shows how scholars working on these projects addressed different problems which they encountered. [From the publication]

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