Strateginio valdymo problemų identifikavimo galimybės kolegijoje

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Strateginio valdymo problemų identifikavimo galimybės kolegijoje
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Possibilities of strategic management problem identification at college
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Profesinės studijos: teorija ir praktika [Professional studies: theory and practice]. 2010, Nr. 6, p. 210-217
Panevėžys; Lietuva (Lithuania); Kolegijos / Colleges.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Išorinės aplinkos veiksnių analizė; PESTE analizė; Panevėžio kolegija; Problemų identifikavimas; SSGG analizė; Strateginio valdymo problemos; Strateginis valdymas; Vidaus veiksnių analizė; External environmental factors analysis; Internal environment factors; Panevėžis college; Problem identification; Problem identification, PESTE analyse; SWOT analyse; Strategic management; Strategic management problems.

ENThematic of organization strategic management in this article is new in theoretical context because high education institutions - Colleges strategic management problems is not researched and evaluated in Lithuania. Topic is actual from the practical point of view because it allows to identify strategic management problems in particular college in connection with external and internal environment changes impacting possibilities and threats of strategic activities. It should be noted that the scientific approach to strategic management problems and their identification is analyzed mainly in higher education institutions - universities. Meanwhile, higher education institutions - colleges - the identification of strategic management problems in practice, lack of management theories Lithuania provisions and practical results. The strategic management is a tool which helps to identify problems before they arise forming objective view to organizational strategic problems. Strategic management colleges are complex, requiring leaders to assess the daily work, taking a longer period of time and the changing external environment. Heads of colleges in particular need to know the strategic planning process, designed for strategic analysis techniques and methods for timely identification of issues of strategic management system to manage change.The article presents, that colleges strategic management are related to educational policy, multiinstitutional cooperation, variety of consumers, autonomy of activity, public result accountability, complex employee accountability and strategic problem complexity. Problems of high education institutions strategic management could be defined performing PEŠTE, internal environment factors, and SWOT analysis. The evaluation of strategic management issues for the Exploration of theoretical, methodological and practical aspects, you can explore the strategic issues in a particular higher education institution - Panevėžys College. [From the publication]

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