Auliniai iš Kurtuvėnų šv. Apaštalo Jokūbo bažnyčios kriptos nr. 4

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Straipsnis / Article
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Auliniai iš Kurtuvėnų šv. Apaštalo Jokūbo bažnyčios kriptos nr. 4
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High boots from cript No 4 of the Church of St Jacob the Apostle in Kurtuvėnai
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Lietuvos dailės muziejaus metraštis [LDM metraštis]. 2007, t. 10, p. 164-176
Kurtuvėnai; Lietuva (Lithuania); Apsauga ir restauravimas / Preservation and restoration; Kapinynai. Pilkapiai / Barrow. Burials; Religinis menas / Religious art; Bajorai. Didikai. Valdovai / Gentry. Nobles. Kings.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Auliniai batai; Avalynė; Bajorai; Konservavimas; Kripta; Kurtuvėnai; 18 amžius; Palaidojimai; Restauracija; Šv. Jokūbo Apaštalo bažnyčia; Burials; Conservation; Cript; High Boots; Kurtuvėnai; Lithuanian XVIII c. history; Noblemen; Restoration; Shoe; The Church of St. Jacob the Apostle.

ENIn 2002, clearing the vaults of the Church of St Jacob the Apostle in Kurtuvėnai, two coffins with two buried men were found in destroyed cript No 4. It is supposed that the Slutsk band and boots belonged to the man of about 50 years old buried in the bottom coffin. The burial is dated late 18th c. The boots have been conserved and restored. In the process of conservation the construction of the boots was analyzed, the details and seams indicated, the drawings of the details made, and the research on the leather fermentation and fibre conducted. It has been established that the fermentation of the leather is vegetative and the fibre discovered in the sowing holes are of a vegetative origin. The boots are made of the horned cattle hide and sheepskin for some details of the filling. After the conservation of the leather, the reconstruction of the boots was carried out. The bottom parts of the boots and the complexes of the top details were sewn separately and joined. The hight of the sewn boots is about 42 cm, they are sharp-nosed, the length of the sole - about 32 cm. The restored boots supplemented other restored artefacts of the collection from the cripts of the Church of St Jacob the Apostle in Kurtuvėnai, and the information received in the process of restoration - the data on the research into the development of footwear. [From the publication]

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