Visuomenės grupių lūkesčių identifikavimas tobulinant socializacijos procesą ikimokyklinėje įstaigoje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Visuomenės grupių lūkesčių identifikavimas tobulinant socializacijos procesą ikimokyklinėje įstaigoje
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Identification of intentions of society groups improving the process of socialization in preschool institution
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Edukacinės studijos. 2008, 5, p. 51-61
Ikimokyklinis ugdymas / Pre-school education; Socializacija / Socialization; Vaikai / Children.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Ikimokyklinė įstaiga; Lūkesčiai; Priešmokyklinis ugdymas; Socializacija; Socializacijos procesas; Vaiko socializacija; Visuomenė; A process of socialization; Intentions; Pre-school institution; Preschool education; Preschool institution; Socailization; Socialization of a child; Society.

ENThe socio-economical, cultural, political and other changes that are constantly going on in Lithuania became a usual and constant phenomenon and have an influence on the changing of development system. The changes are becoming the standard of life and they are going speedy. An education institution is conditioned by permanent alternation. In the very big interchange is an insufficient survey of different society groups’ expectations. Their identification makes preconditions to narrow the gap among the processes in the society and environment of child. Because of the permanent alternation an educational institution needs the strategy that gives the possibility to optimize the behavior of organization, to improve the process of child socialization and they are influenced by the intentions of society groups and the ways of their realization as well as the search of possibilities. The purpose of survey. To identify the intentions of different society groups in preschool institution improving the process of child socialization. The goals of survey. 1. To analyze the scientific literature, documents about the importance of essential institutions of socialization for the socialization of child. 2. To clear up the expectations of different society groups from preschool institution in the aspect of child socialization. 3. To determine the strongest differences of intentions of various society groups. 4. To identify the influence of intentions of society groups on the alternation of strategy in preschool institution.In the survey participated 390 persons of different age and background belonging to the different social groups. The investigative people had to answer 20 questions (apart questions about sex, age, background and profession), most of them were complex and in 3 cases the respondents had to give the comments. The results of survey showed that the pedagogues of preschool institution are the most interested in the preschool education (absolutely all and it is a matter of course) and also the teachers of primary school. The opinion about the preschool education often is formed proximately communicating with the members of community of preschool institution. Obviously the less important is the thing that there is no choice picking the institution of preschool education. Meanwhile the most important factor is the good and competent pedagogues working in institution. The substantial features of personality developed in the preschool institution and determinant the successful socialization of child are named äs: self-sufficiency, physical and moral health and creativeness. The education institutions should mostly meet the educational and security requirements of children. It will guarantee the considering to the peculiarities of age and possibilities of every child, the principle of individuality and humanity. The society declares the importance of thinking, physical development and self-assessment for child socialization and it is obvious that the most attractive way of development content is shown the body culture and healthy style of life. [From the publication]

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