Vilniaus miestiečių luomas XIX a. pirmojoje pusėje : žydų integracijos atvejis

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Vilniaus miestiečių luomas XIX a. pirmojoje pusėje: žydų integracijos atvejis
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Class of Vilnius townsmen in the first half of the 19th century: the case of the integration of Jews
Lietuva XIX a; Rusijos imperijos administracija; Vilniaus miestiečių luomas; Vilniaus miesto savivalda; Žydai; Žydų integracija.
Administration of Russian Empire; Estate of Vilnius townsmen; Integration of Jews; Jews; Lithuania in the 19th Century; Self-governance.
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ENIntegration of Jewish representatives into the institution of self-government Duma pursued in 1816-1819 by the effort of the Governor General of Vilnius A. Rimsky-Korsakov ended in failure, the main reason being legal incongruities, as the laws of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Magdeburg Rights, the Statute of Lithuania), which had legal power in the Russian Empire, did not provide for equal rights of Jews and Christians. This case particularly enhanced their hitherto deteriorated power in the practical life of the class of townsmen. It should be noted that the social groups under consideration manifested signs evidencing the possible beginning of a dialogue, however, at that time they were not ripe for a closer cooperation due to their diametrically opposed views in economic, religious, and mental spheres. Isolated initiatives to radically change the inter-relations between the two communities inhabiting the city were bound to fail due to the inconsistency in the policy of the Russian authorities pursued with regard to the Jews. On the other hand, although there was little change with regard to the problem related to the reticence of the said communities, activities on the issue under consideration pursued by the representatives of the Jews in the Duma for a couple of years helped talk out certain inter-related attitudes and develop the understanding that the ethno-confessional group of Jews is part of the townsmen class. [From the publication]

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