Lietuvos elektros energetikos administravimas ir jo raidos ypatumai

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Straipsnis / Article
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Lietuvos elektros energetikos administravimas ir jo raidos ypatumai
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Specificities of administration and of Lithuanian electricity energetic and its development
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Viešoji politika ir administravimas [Public Policy and Administration]. 2006, Nr. 17, p. 49-59
Energija. Energetika / Energy. Energetics.
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LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjamos elektros energetikos liberalizavimo pasaulinės tendencijos ir jų įtaka Lietuvos elektros energetikos sektoriaus administravimui. Analizuojami teisiniai energetikos liberalizavimo pagrindai, administravimo kaitos priežastys, pagrindiniai liberalizuotos elektros energetikos principai. Aptariami Lietuvos elektros rinkos bruožai, jos dalyviai (gamintojas, perdavimo sistemos operatorius, tiekėjas, vartotojas), nagrinėjami elektros energetikos administravimą reglamentuojantys teisiniai pagrindai bei juos įgyvendinančios institucijos. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Elektros energetikos administravimas; Elektros energetikos liberalizavimas; Restruktūrizacija; Elektros rinkos dalyviai; Energetikos administravimo teisimai pagrindai; Administravimą įgyvendinančios institucijos.; Administration of electricity energy; Liberalization of electricity energy; Restructuring; Actors of electricity market; Legal basis of energy administration; Administration implementing bodies.

ENWorldwide economy's liberalization trends, started after successful examples of the United Kingdom in the West two decades ago have also touched Lithuanian electricity energy market -- the long-lasted monopolistic vertical structure of electricity energetic has been transformed into restructured liberal model of market. Group of factors (geopolitical, socio-economic, legal) had substantial influence on the development of Lithuanian electricity energetic administration. During the pre-accession into EU period Lithuania has created legal basis for electricity energy liberalization and chose the "Nord pool" model of electricity market. Administrative basis necessary for activities of electricity market in liberalized electricity market of Lithuania has been created and are functioning: a) restructuring of sector in pursuance to separate production process, transportation and transmission, was accomplished; b) legal basis for electricity market operation and its administration, has been created (international legal acts were harmonized, laws on energy and electricity energy as well as related acts were legislated); c) competences of administration in electricity energy sector were delegated to respective institutions (Ministry of Economy, National Control Commission for Prices and Energy). [From the publication]

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