Svetimžodžio 'brendas' reikšmės, vediniai, atitikmenys

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Straipsnis / Article
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Svetimžodžio 'brendas' reikšmės, vediniai, atitikmenys
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Meanings, derivatives and equivalents of the loan-word 'brendas'
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Terminologija. 2016, 23, p. 161-174
Svetimžodžiai; Žodžių reikšmės; Prekių ženklas; Rinkoženklis.
Derivatives; Loan-words.
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ENThe loan-word ‘brendas’ (brand) originating from English is not included in dictionaries either of Modern Lithuanian or international words. It is possible to find its definitions only in databases on the internet or in internet vocabulary. There are no clear recommendations about the usage of this loan-word, so it seems that the competition between ‘brendas’ and its Lithuanian equivalents is being allowed to take its natural course. As its usage shows, the most precise explanation of the meanings of this word is given in the internet vocabulary Jaunimo žodynas. The loan-word ‘brendas’, its derivatives and related words are widely used in the specific language and spoken language of specialists and in the environment of university studies. It can be found in descriptions of subjects of teaching and lectures as well as in written works of students, although in the edited language of science it is rare. In standardized language (as well as in the language of official documents) loan-words are not used, they are substituted with Lithuanian equivalents. The loan-word ‘brendas’ is used because there is no equivalent which would express the essence clearly, be short and convenient in respect of word-formation. Two meanings or at least two nuances of the meaning of this loan-word ought to be separated and two different equivalents should be used. [From the publication]

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