Motininė įmonė ir dukterinė įmonė: nuo žodynų iki teisės aktų

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Motininė įmonė ir dukterinė įmonė: nuo žodynų iki teisės aktų
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Motininė įmonė (parent company) and dukterinė įmonė (subsidiary company): from dictionaries to acts of legislation
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Terminologija. 2014, 21, p. 90-110
Teisės aktų terminai; Terminų raida; Terminų norminimas; Patronuojančioji Įmonė; Patronuojamoji įmonė.
Terms in acts of legislation; Terminology; Standardisation of terms.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe article analyses the development of problematic terms 'motininė įmonė' and 'dukterinė įmonė' in terminography as well as the opinions of Lithuanian linguists on these terms and their usage in acts of legislation. It also provides an overview of the previously used and newest terms and at the same time highlights the current state of and gaps in the terminological system. Doubt about the linguistic appropriateness of metaphorical loan translations motininė įmonė and dukterinė įmonė based on the influence of the Russian language (cf. материнская/ дочерняя компания) arose already in Soviet times, though the necessity of the correction was most clearly pointed out at the end of the 1980s. Kazimieras Gaivenis’ suggestion that words motininis and dukterinis are necessary in the terminology of genetics and selection, but in other fields should be avoided, contributed to the establishment of the tradition to correct these terms and influenced terminography. Despite the negative evaluation from linguists both 'motininė įmonė' and 'dukterinė įmonė' were included in a few dictionaries. Some of these dictionaries were reviewed or edited by linguists themselves. In the dictionaries of the later years motininė įmonė is rather rare, but 'dukterinė įmonė' is included quite frequently. There were attempts to replace both 'motininė įmonė' and 'dukterinė įmonė' with some other terms, but they have not been established in the terminography and they are still competing. It can be concluded that standardisation of these terms is not yet finished.The peculiar usage of terms can be observed in acts of legislation – from the beginning of independence in early 1990s a non-systemic pair of terms 'patronuojanti įmonė (bendrovė)' and 'dukterinė įmonė (bendrovė)' was widely used. Usage in acts of legislation is the reason for the spread of the term 'dukterinė įmonė'. At the meeting of the Terminology Sub-Commission of the State Commission of the Lithuanian Language in 2007 a suggestion was made to use the pair of terms 'patronuojančioji įmonė' and 'patronuojamoji įmonė'. Such terms are included in "Lietuvos Respublikos terminų bankas" (Term Bank of the Republic of Lithuania) as well as acts of legislation of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union, though the system of terms is not yet established and some variation and shortcomings are still present. [From the publication]

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