Diskurso komponentas komunikacinės kompetencijos struktūroje

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Diskurso komponentas komunikacinės kompetencijos struktūroje
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Component of discoursee in the structure of the Communication competence
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Žmogus ir žodis [Man and the Word]. 2000, 1, p. 79-84
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ENThis study deals with the structure of the communication competence and presents the analysis of its main component, namely, the component of discourse, its concept has been formed taking into consideration of the main linguistic elements - language and speech, sentence and text, monologue and dialogue. We have arrived at the conclusion that communication competence consists of the potential 1) command of the language (linguistic component). 2) the understanding of the rules and norms of the interaction between the individuals (soeiocultural component), 3) the knowledge of the contents of the message (reference component) and active communication 1) by means of verbal and nonverbal expression (sociolinguistical component) and 2) by spoken and written text (the component of discourse). The component of discourse plays the central role in the structure of communication competence as the main expression of communication competence because it involves the ability to produce the dialogue and monologue as texts both orally and in written form. The communication competence has been regarded as the ability to communicate, by properly choosing verbal and nonverbal means of expression orally and in written form, while developing the dialogue and monologue as texts according to social, psychological and cultural situation. [From the publication]

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