Piliečių dalyvavimo ir valdžios institucijų veiklos sąveika

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Piliečių dalyvavimo ir valdžios institucijų veiklos sąveika
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Interaction between citizen’s participation and government institutions
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Tiltai [Bridges] [Brücken]. 2001, Nr. 4 (17), p. 1-8
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LTŠiuolaikinę viešojo administravimo raidą lemia vykstantys pokyčiai, socioekonominės sąlygos, reformos ir konfliktai. Itin svarbiais laikytini globalūs pokyčiai tokiose sferose kaip emigracija, gyventojų skaičiaus dinamika, ekonominis ir technologinis socialinių procesų raidos kontekstas, žinių ir informacijos galimybių augimas. Visa tai sudaro sąlygas demokratinių valdymo instrumentų plėtrai. [Iš leidinio]

ENMost of the research on participation does reveal a gap between the ideal and the existent. This still does not destroy the optimism of citizen participation advocates. In a series books and articles on citizen participation, published by European and American authors, the general feeling was that participation is valuable from the standpoint of providing administrators with policy-relevant information that they could not receive elsewhere. The movement for increased citizen participation in administrative affairs is not new. In the movement lingers and becomes institutionalized, strains will develop between it and the classical norms of public administration, especially that of efficiency. Participation is defended largely because of the access it provides to citizens, not because of the contributions of citizens to rational programs. In such a case the classical goal of efficiency and the new public administration may become partners in opposing the expansion of citizen participation. [From the publication]

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