Minimalistinė liaudies apeigų žanrų muzikinė raiška

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Minimalistinė liaudies apeigų žanrų muzikinė raiška
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Minimalistic folc ritual genre music
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Tiltai [Bridges] [Brücken]. 2003, Nr. 3 (24), p. 69-72
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ENOld ritual genres in Lithuania have disappeared in XX century. Aukštaičiai glee have been forgotten even earlier. And Dzūkai calendar feast, work songs can be wfitten even now. Without their natural atmosphere, ritual complex, time differences, belief that performing of these songs have meaning, they have lost their deepness and intensity. In our rich folklore legacy, ritual genres are very economic and minimal in music ways. Few voice combinations allow us to create a variety of single and multiple voice performed systems. In songs have, that have very simple melody, tierce intonation structures became „music pedestal“. We find a whole diatonic tetras chord variety. We also see a interesting phenomena - the les there are sounds, the bigger effect is achieved. In songs with a simple melody, rhythm becomes takes the leading role. In these songs main tones are graced with melizm, and in glasses - using not complex, but different rhythm formulas. This way the accession pricipai is achieved. Expedition materials, decoded literature shows high music culture level of Lithuanian folk singers. This makes understandable their efforts to use archaic culture in song creations during the XX century in Lithuania. [From the publication]

1392-3137; 2351-6569
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