Nusikalstamumo geografija Lietuvoje: tyrimų apžvalga

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Straipsnis / Article
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Nusikalstamumo geografija Lietuvoje: tyrimų apžvalga
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Geography of crime in Lithuania: a review of scientific research
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Geografijos metraštis [Annales Geographicae. Geographical Yearbook]. 2014, 47, p. 118-135
Nusikalstamumo dinamika; Nusikalstamumo geografija; Teritoriniai nusikalstamumo skirtumai; Teritorinis nusikalstamumo diferencijavimas; Tyrimų apžvalga.
Dynamics of crime; Geography of crime; Lithuania; Review of scientific research; Territorial differentiation of crime.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe article provides the overview of scientific research of geography of crime in Lithuania. The author briefly presents the scientific works in the field – from students’ theses to research papers. As for now geography of crime as a branch of scientific research is currently in the stage of formation. The first attempts to investigate into geography of crime were made in 19th century in France and Belgium. In Lithuania, it is a relatively new field of geographic research. This paper consists of three parts. In the first part, the students’ theses on the topic are presented and essential findings highlighted. Three phases of development of students’ investigation in geography of have been distinguished. In the second part, research papers are presented and categorized by particular research topics. The need of more substantial involvement of geographers is discussed. Finally, possibilities of further development of the field are discussed. Possible research directions are outlined and presented in form of a general structural scheme of geography of crime. The substantial goals of the future research are defined. [From the publication]

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