Lietuvos kaimo gyvenviečių funkcijų kaitos regioninės ypatybės

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Lietuvos kaimo gyvenviečių funkcijų kaitos regioninės ypatybės
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Regional peculiarities of rural settlements function change in Lithuania
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Geografijos metraštis [Annales Geographicae. Geographical Yearbook]. 2014, 47, p. 70-87
Depopuliacija; Gyventojų skaičiaus mažėjimas; Kaimo gyvenvietės; Kaimo regionai; Periferiškumas; Periferėjimo procesai.
Depopulation; Peripheralisation; Rural regions; Rural settlements.
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ENIn this article the authors analyse the regional peculiarities of Lithuanian rural settlements function change. The article pays attention to the methodological problems that appear while analysing rural settlements. Also, in the article it is pointed out the soviet heritage of rural settlements functions. Apart from that, the article stresses the main factors that influence rural territorial development and the change of settlements functions. It was defined that “urbanizing” of economy and concentration of residents around the cities influences the decline of links of residents with the place where they live and where they work. Such situation also determines the decline of functional dependence of rural settlements. In future it should emerge stronger relations between living and working place. Apart from that, it emerges new and diverse territorial structure that is more dependant on local factors. [From the publication]

0132-3156; 2335-8610
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